Sunday, 27 December 2009


What a day!
Thanks to everyone for being so organised that the whole thing ran like clockwork for the meet-ups and was just fun times from the start.

Nospmas, Lefty, Sledgey, Blacky

Stoph and Paul amongst 59K

our view for the first session

Highlights for mine:
Finally meeting Lefty and enjoying his reaction as he entered the G.
Seeing Sledgey getting pulled for 4 by the kid!
Blacky declaring his excitement was almost enough to have a public massy!
Nosmas' (not so) sly kip- how he wasn't "asked to leave" is beyond me!
Sledgeys super fast reflexes in dealing with my forgetfulness! Cheers!
fine knocks from the top 3 batsman.
the first spell from Aamer... then wondering why he was bowled into the wind while the spinner bowled with it????
Having Paul now on a hat-trick for not being ejected!
the noise as Kat approached the 100; the smallish crowd should be proud to have been so loud!

down the wicket at the cricket

Nospmas' kip

I have just this morning seen the wickets, as those that were there would know i missed them all... and the replays!
the run-out was pathetic, Kat fessed to being guilty of ball watching and therefore creating half the problem.
I can see the Aussies geting 500+ with easy this morning, and hopefully putting the Pakis in for the entire last session.

Lango, you missed out on a ripping day!

stoph verismo
down the wicket


  1. Great day guys. Good to put faces to names. I certainly was lucky to not get ejected. I also fell asleep on the train on the way home and woke up at Greensborough, very lucky.

  2. damn straight mate.
    i had a great time too.
    i have fallen asleep on your train line after boxing day and woke up at Greensborough... unfortunately i was supposed to get off at watsonia!

  3. I was actually supposed to get off there too. It is much closer to my place. The walk home seemed like ages. I am so hungover today. Had a yak first thing.

  4. D'Oh!

    funny though!
    i pulled up remarkably well... just a bit tired because i woke a 4 and couldn't get bck to sleep.

  5. Awesome day guys, had a ball! But then again it IS boxing day... From the early opener beers (like razor blades after picking Lefty up from the airport and getting into the Single Malts and beeers Christmas night) to Lefty's reaction to being at the "G", Everybody feeding off the energy of the day, Paul not getting kicked out, Bird watching with Blakie, sharing some cold ones (and a couple of hot ones), changing the vantage points, getting into the day, claiming some free Vodka, 300 runs...etc...etc. had an absolute ball!
    Nothing more could I have asked from a boxing day, but again, it's business as usual for us!

  6. Thanks so much for a great day folks. The G is the most incredible place to watch cricket; and I can't believe you can get 'Ole Beam in there. There's nothing better than watching the greatest game with great people. Well done Paul on his 26th Boxing Day! Nospmas' cheeky recuperation session, Stoph showing me the ropes, Sledgie keeping me in check and Blakie's unnerving concentration.

    I still can't believe you can walk to the pub and have a beer in your hand, outside, in 6 minutes, you can leave your seat and have a slash or get another mixer in a flash, or sit at the highest point and suck on darts without a hassle. Well done Melbourne, you know how to host an event.

    To all you lads, you're awesome, thanks again - hope to see you next year!

  7. what a soda Ricky... What can you say, even the worlds best hands...

    like the blokes on the radio, can't tell you how much i'm impressed by Akmal- there is a future batting superstar!

  8. glad you had a good day Lefty, hope you can make it again sometime.

  9. i'm getting mad at Siddle!
    get a few more tricks up your sleeve - like a fuller ball!- or get left behind.

  10. Awesome. Big day Sunday for me. Lango and Son retrace some steps at the SCG.

  11. will be looking out for you and the offspring.