Friday, 5 June 2009


He Has Done It!

Roy has successfully totalled his career!

Derailed more than once, it is hard to imagine a comeback from here. Many will be happy, some angry, i'm just disappointed. So much potential, such a waste!

When everyone is finished ripping him apart, i hope it can be remembered that he is an addict with all of the associated baggage that entails... plus he is in the public domain and considered a "role model"; whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean!

Thanks for the brilliance Roy, good luck for your future, you will now not be able to have one representing your country at cricket.

Rugby Union anyone?


  1. I'm confused: one story states he was drinking Wed morning watching the state of origin then another says he was at a function Wed night and was well behaved (referring to him like he's a child!). What actually happened? I think it was likely a minor thing that the current cricketing psychology can't handle: at least when it's Symonds. I realise ANY unsavoury incident (whether he instigated it or not) was always going to be catastrophic for him, but I can't help get the feeling there's been an over-reaction here. I'm not complaining though: I never thought he should have got a contract in the first place.

  2. And another thing - he shouldn't be in any Aus squad anyway! What form has he consistently demonstrated in the last year? Obviously he acts like a child and he's been playing like one too.

  3. At last it is all over and after the media picks the bones clean with story after story with no new news, we should all be able to remember him for what a fantastic limited overs player he was.
    Not a bad fisherman either.
    Hated a beer too.

  4. I think the problem was he made promises as to his sobriety to remain in hte team and any indiscretion would mean instant ejection from the squad. He had way too many chances on no form whatsoever. I must come back to Hodge who is a saint compared to Symonds yet misses out constantly. Cam White was no replacement, the man simply cannot bowl at international level.
    I agree, he is an addict. My issue with him is that he remained a talking point for selection even when his form for QLD was piss poor. I feel for his rivals for the allrounder spot being constantly in doubt and missing out to what Symonds had done in the distant past.
    Good bye Roy, you gave us some great entertainment. Get well. Don't ruin your life like you did your career.

  5. good post NL. POTD for your empathy and well rounded view of the total situation.

    so true about White too... great smasher, but for someone who was supposed to be the great White (sorry) hope for bowling leggies when Warne retired, he certainly makes a great (ODI/t20) batsman.

  6. remember when Roy came into the test side: his fielding was good for saving 20+ runs...amazing!

  7. i hate to say it (no i don't) I told you so..fuck him off, time to give up and give some one else a go. Hildich, Hughes and Co you fucked up, you should be sacked next.

  8. Don't hold back Gab. Tell us what you really think....

  9. Right on Gab: 'What! Roy! No, he wouldn't have broken the rules!'
    Those that kept Symonds on the park over the last year better be made accountable.

    Imagine the auto-bio he could write.
    If he could.

  10. if he could! ROFL!!

    Selectors want horse-whipping... or as NL would say FACE-DOWN-DRAGGING!
    i don't know how many times lately people have said to me, "It is harder to get out of the side, than in!" i'd imagine that Huss will need to go on a serious bender in Blighty to go with no runs before he get a push too! he just doesn't come across as someone that would be a pest when he is drunk... probably discreetly verp into the dunny and excuse himself for a kip at 8:30 only to be first at the nets in the morning!

  11. the hussey boys look like west coast cooler type of guys, pup likes cosmopolitans, hadin tooheys, hilfenkraaut likes vino sprittsers, bollinger not champagne more like strongbow and phil hughes probably still gets his older brother to buy him vodka & raspeberry udl