Friday, 3 April 2009

Wake me up, before we go go (to England)

The summer of to-and-fro with RSA continues today with the start of the ODI matches... and the media can't help trying to put some significance on the competition by bashing out that hoary old chestnut of rankings. What a yawn!

Sure hype, national pride and a sense of prominence sells papers (allegedly!)- but if the RSA crowds were so apathetic toward the test series, is the level of competition that we have seen over the summer enough to build interest in the results anyway? Correct me if you feel different, but does this ODI series just feel like a hump to climb over before we get back to business with the Ashes? Does anyone give a rodents rectum about the outcome?

On a more positive note, it is good to see a platform of new (ish) players on the squad list presented for the match.
Ben Laughlin, Brett Geeves may not get a run but at least they are being considered. Callum Ferguson and Marcus North are on the list and likely. And Nathan Hauritz has a chance to show that while he isn't a big wicket taker, if people can't score runs off him- and they generally don't- he gives the blokes at the other end the chance to work through the card; an ideal ODI spinner!

If there is any doubt with nagging injuries of the senior players i'd like to see a list of younger blokes go out and have a dip. Given it is only ODI and the RSA crowds have oddly made no effort to support the tour this season, why should we worry about their entertainment?


  1. Shhhh!
    Be quiet, I'm sleeping.

  2. I think we'll find these ODI matches after test series will remain dull: particularly if crowds stay away. At least it's an opportunity for new players to get a game and older ones to find some form: however Hussey played well in the ODIs in Aus and then went to RSA and did pathetically in the tests.

    From the highlights of game one Hauritz looked like he got wickets with good bowling: 3 of the dismissals had different elements to them with varying pace and one certainly drifted/dipped in before straightening.

    I think the biggest concern is Michael Clarke (as Hussey has been a massive concern for a while: his 80 odd was his highest score in any form of international cricket for 6 months!) as he has looked very unsure at the crease at times. Perhaps his back is giving him grief: although he took a blinder of a catch in game one.

    I just hope that a lack of interest in this ODI series demonstrates a shift in public opinion more broadly that ultimately sees the death of this futile brand of cricket.

  3. the Hussey issue certainly needs addressing LRO; NOW!
    he saved his bacon with a few fine ODI knocks here, but gee he has come crashing down in test form. it is obvious selectors want him for England... but at what cost? They just don't seem to get it of late with batsmen failing. Just look at the Hayden debarcle, It took a loss in India, a NZ series that he contributed next to nothing and then failure against RSA when he jumped! Why is it that long serving batsmen get SO MANY chances?

    i have said this before, players need a results based contract! Such as: As a batsman you will score XXX amount of runs per series based on your average and at what position you bat. Failure to do so in 2 consecutive series will result in returning to state/club/county representation.

    I'm happy for Hauritz. I bagged his test recall, and still don't think he has test strik power, but think his neatness is perfect ODI stuff. If he has got some confidence up now and worked out a few new tricks, even better!

    POTD too Lefty for the above.