Saturday, 17 January 2009

Damned Duminy!

Ponting must be scratching his head thinking, "what happened?" last night in the 1st ODI against SA. After being tied down for a while at the crease, Australia posted a competitive score and then began supporting it well enough.

Duminy AGAIN looked like he has no real threats within the Australian line-up, and the "weakest link" in the SA side -McKenzie- actually got some runs against his name! At this time the game was in a nice- though somewhat boring- point of balance; then that balance tipped decidedly Australia's way, with quick wickets.

Enter A.Morkel! In one Hilfenhaus over the game was effectively taken away from Ponting.
This post is not a criticism, as i think Ponting worked his bowlers and his field well- ably assisted by Clarke- when it was clear Morkel was there to win the match; evident by the HUMONGOUS and STRAIGHTEST drive imaginable! The big issue was the 'setting-in' of Duminy to steady the innings and allow a powerhouse hitter like Morkel to save the day.

I'm sure the Aussie bowlers have a plan (each) for Duminy, but what ever it may be, it plainly isn't working; he is such a talent!
I don't have one - although Flem on the radio said a series of short ones (not necessarily bouncers)and then jammed in at his feet is what he'd do... old school, but worth a try!

Of concern was the amount of wides bowled by our bowlers too: Tait and Hilf gave away too much down leg side; it is not like they don't know that it will be called if it is even an inch off the pads!

While all is not "doom and gloom" after this game, i think the biggest thing highlighted was that, even when the ball/runs ratio is close, the longer periods of 'tied down' play in ODI mean the death of the format to T20.... my 20c.

stoph verismo


  1. I think that 20 20 will change one day cricket in the same way that one day changed Test cricket.
    Even after the Saffers lost 3 quick wickets and may have looked out of it, I couldn't help thinking that if this was a 20 20 game then its still game on. The batsmen know this so they dont feel as pressured early in the innings and the bowlers appear acutely aware of this while bowling at the death (Ponting should have bowled Bracken from both ends).
    I'm not sure what the ratio of wins for the team batting second compared to first is but I am betting that it will become increasingly harder to win if you are batting first.

  2. i think you are right about batting 2nd- especially with the new power play rules; you bat 2nd, you play you bring the field in for the last 5 overs and go the tonk!

    stoph verismo

  3. And whaddaya know, SA win the toss and field.

  4. I hope 20/20 changes the 50 over chicken show. I'm not sure it will though. If teams start treating the longer version more like the bash of 20/20 it may well survive. If half of each innings is still as boring as hell then goodbye one day chicken cricket. I can't see why 20/20 has to be that long - why can't we have one over where all fielders have to be at leg-slip, the bowler has to bowl with non-preferred arm and be blind-folded?

    Maybe with one day chicken there needs to be more things like power-plays; or similar to. Eg if the batsmen doesn't score off two balls in a row they have to run on the third (or lose 5 runs). For any no-ball or wide the bowler must bowl the extra ball from the 30m circle. The last ball of every over must be hit through mid-wicket or you lose 5 runs. Perhaps there's not enough chicken - you only get a year's supply of KFC when you win one of channel 9's competitions; that's not enough. The player's clothing isn't colourful enough - everyone should have blue bandanas. There should be music all the time - an actual band playing on the ground on a moving stage which traverses the ground and you get bonus runs if you hit them.

    I can't emphasise enough how important chicken is to the success of one-day cricket.

  5. Regarding your comments on 20/20: why can't we have one over where all fielders have to be at leg-slip, the bowler has to bowl with non-preferred arm and be blind-folded?
    YOU can't do that because that would give the Batsmen an unfair advantage (and obviously NO-ONE wants that!!!)
    I think the Bandanna idea is good...How about points for appealing like a Pirate?
    Also I think they should all wear shorts instead of trousers for a few good reasons,
    Bye for now.

  6. Aaaarrrr, how be that one matey! Aaaaarrrrrr