Thursday, 24 December 2009


Ponting predicted to be ok... no batting up til today.
Siddle wishing...
Hughes has to hex his Cap to get a run, can't be good for karma!
Melbourne feeling like it will dump rain today- humid and just this minute started (7:30am), looks like it will get the predicted rain out of the way today/tomorrow and be partly cloudy/ clearing and 25c. may lose some time on days 2/3 of test to rain.

Stoph fully amped, and too distracted to do paid work!

stoph verismo
down the wicket


  1. Good Morning and happy Boxing Eve!
    May get a sprinkle of rain on day 3 but thats about it in the latest bureau forecast!
    See youse under Cap'n Blood!

  2. nearly through the carry on... c u in 16 hours!

    my bro says the statue isn't there at the moment due to work being done, still meet at the social club entrance area where the statue should be.

    my bros prediction, 76000, paki bowling