Monday, 23 November 2009

when is a leggie an opener?

we had another win on the weekend- 3 in a row and up from 10th to 5th.

we won the toss and batted and so much for me being a leg spinning #9/10, back in at 3 (in the 1st over due to an opener going for a 3rd ball duck).
happy with a couple of 4's and an all mighty 6 out of the middle i lost concentration and foot work on 29 to be bowled.

we saw out our 36 overs at 6 for 194, and felt right in it. one of the opposition got rude (called us a team of cunts!) about our square leg ump being in his way for a catch- the ball was hit high and hung over the spot so if he moved he could have actually moved into the way.
a few overs in the tension was full on as said op was batting and being just as obnoxious.
after being sent off we got down to playing good cricket and got the last wicket run out with a few overs remaining and about 5 minutes before the heavens opened!

so it looks like i'm up the order and not bowling a lot this season - i didn't bowl this match again- in the first 3 games my batting average was 6.4 (thanks to a 12 not out), in the last 3 games it is now about 24.4, so i'm happy, although i'm hanging to get another rip of the wrist bowling.

more to come about the test team and the windies... unless someone is ready with some.


  1. Ah amateur cricket. Last year against Nunawading they send 3 of our umpires off because they didn't give lbw decisions that they swore were plumb. I eventually umpired and a 15 year old kid came into bat for us at number 11 with us needing 10 off the last over. 1st ball he takes face at nearly square leg and they start giving it to him. He cooly wanders into the crease as the bowler starts his deliery stride and smacks it straight over the bowlers head for 6!! I yell "Yes Jack!!" and am subsequently sent off by their captain. We win the game and half of their team walk off without shaking hands.
    Honestly, what do people expect from umpires that are just cricketers helping out? I am all for standing your ground as a square leg umpire if the ball is skied. If their captain has a problem with you being at square leg he should send you to point before the ball is bowled otherwise thats where you stand.

  2. that sounded like a very tense game mate.

    nothing came from the square leg thing as their captain saw it for what it was- nothing.
    the way the ball was hanging, if he'd moved any way it could have been seen as obstruction so no one apart from that fielder worried.
    when i was fielding at backwards square i asked their ump what the deal was, he shrugged and couldn't understand the blokes agro.

  3. The heat of battle can bring out the worst in people. Bowlers appeal for balls sailing down the leg side like they’re hitting middle half way up. I’ve only ever seen one player sent off when umpiring – the guy said not out to a huge edge which saw the batsman commence walking off until his partner called him back!

  4. Kudos on your batting form Stoph. No shame in getting runs but missing a bowling opp is a bit stiff. My advice would be to start mentioning that the pitch could be a turner to anyone that will listen within ear shot of the skipper after about over 20.

  5. Absolutely! You deserve credit for valuing your wicket, Stoph. This season a few guys have said to me that I need to just go up to the captain and ask for a bowl. Tonight I get to give pace bowling another try after working on my shoulder for a couple of months.

    Amateur captains have no idea how to use spinners. So often a bloke goes back to deep mid-wicket or deep square leg (or both!) and even long-on as well. These poor blokes have to bowl so straight as they've got bloody 5-4 or 4-5 fields to bowl to. Fine-leg is at the 45 and you usually have a guy in regulation mid-wicket.

    If I were you Stoph, every time I rocked up to the ground I'd go out to the pitch and closely inpsect it; rubbing your chin as you look at certain points on a good length. The beauty is even if the captain knows exactly what you're up to you're still putting your bowling in his mind.

  6. thanks guys, i'll certainly be pushing for it. if the boss lady gets home early enough i might get to training for 10 minutes or so; hopefully to continue the impressive bowling i've done there the few times i've made it!