Tuesday, 24 November 2009

fantasy cricket

is anyone interested in another round of fantasy cricket?
i got the email yesterday, we can go with the same set up as the Ashes.


  1. KMH2X4XNM3 as the league number they need to enter to access the "Down the wicket" league.


  2. What's involved? I'll admit to be a fantasy virgin.

  3. it's easy; go to the site (above), register, they will send you an email straight away to confirm that you click the link to, click- join an existing league and copy the league number above into the box, pick your team from the player list on the right. above the player choices is the permitted format (quantity of batsman/all rounders/ bowlers/keepers), pick a captain (gets double points), stay within the 3.5 mil salary cap and you are in.

    if you have 2 email addresses you can create another team... we normally do just to make it interesting- ask the others how different the results were for my 2 ashes teams!

    i don't play computer games, but i like this as it goes on player form.

  4. lunch day 2 and no update to fantasy league.
    picked Kat as one of my caps so hanging for a look!