Thursday, 20 August 2009

Fantasy team reminder.

don't forget to tweak (if you want) your teams: 10 hours (as of 10am) til lock out

stoph verismo
down the wicket


  1. Great options for trades: Bresnan, Vaughan, Pietersen, Bopara, Sidebottom, Hughes......

  2. i Know!
    my 2 teams are pretty close in structure now.

    how hard can it be for virtual sports to take out the non players for those selected to play.

    i'm yet to have a test where i've had a full side on the ground.

    this'll most likely bit me on the R's, but: at least i'm winning at this stage!
    ...and coming last too!

  3. I cant Pick trott!!! Wouldnt that give you the tr, the t t t, the tro, trot the shits