Friday, 21 August 2009

Day 2- Mikey hates the track too!

glad to be in the company of Whispering Death himself! Day 2 and Mickey tells it like i saw it...

Good cautious start by our blokes, i think a potentially ok-ish first score for blighty boys, and Bumble says a pitch that will be up and down; wish i didn't have an early start, this could be as good as test gets- apart from day 5 Adelaide 07/08! Thanks for that Shane! ;-)


  1. ph my, what a bad time to check the score!
    after only one and a half hours sleep before my trip away for the w/end, i wake to see this scorecard- aus 7/129! Is 332 a good enough first knock score? damn right it is!

    no snow trip for me now, but do i really want to stay up... or watch tomorrow? yes but ummm, could we lay down any more definitively than that? Broads card looks great so maybe he is the diff... there goes Johnson: 8/131!

  2. Goodbye Ashes, England have started their 2nd innings and are 189 runs in front. Well bowled today, England. There is no way back from here now with three whole days to play. Aus would have to skittle England for 51 to have a chance. England are 17 without loss.


    Cricket is unforgiving

    I love cricket

  3. Meek. Very meek. Who could have seen this coming? The track is a day 5 on the 2nd day. Any score to chase over 250 is too much and at 3/58 we are in trouble. Hard to see any team chasing 300 plus on this desk. Poor Ricky. Two Ashes tours as skipper. Two losses.