Friday, 31 July 2009

The "Leave"

When did test class batsmen lose their ability to judge the LINE of the ball? Since I was knee high in shorts it has been instilled upon me that if the ball looks like it will hit off stump, IT WILL HIT MIDDLE. Why then have so many players this series been foled into leaving a ball that will would eventually bowl them? Hussey tonight was disgusting. The ball was going nowhere EXCEPT off stump. First ball, you play it to cover and mark two centres. PLAY THE F'N BALL!!


  1. That's twice this series. Maybe he should be called Mr Leaveit

  2. good point guys.
    just waiting til the break before getting on to go on about that.
    and then Johnson did too (to a very good ball admittedly!).
    what a blinder of a session to the Poms!
    i missed the first 2 wickets, but then i saw Punter do what he did. He is exceptional around his ears... but this ball was wide of off- why didn't he sway away?!

    can't believe (sorta happy) i was out again for Hussey (if he doesn't get the R's, i'm on a mission- yes Lango, that is twice) and just missed Clarke- so no comment.

    then the TOTAL rot- but to be fair, fine bowling that just tightened up like a tourniquet.
    North- blinder of a catch- luckily it stuck or the cap would have rightly gone birko!
    Johno- as stated, well left!
    Manou- weelcome to the real thing, (read; good nut!)

    in summary, leaving the ball will protect you from getting caught, but edges go for four!

  3. My summary at

  4. i must admit, that i do not have a leave in my game- obviously unless it is ridiculously wide.
    this is maybe due to being brought up playing in the drive with mates (if they bothered to bowl, the least i can do is have a go) or the many seasons of indoor cricket where i wanted 7+ per ball ball!

    stoph verismo
    down the wicket