Thursday, 30 July 2009

Boxing Day Test 2009

For the upcoming Boxing Day test I propose an extravaganza of cricket. Not just a run of the mill viewing experience but something that you will tell your grandkids about. I say we all put our heads together and plan a day that will live in the memories of all who partake. Let’s brainstorm some ideas and filter them out until we have a perfect day.
I will start.
1. Gunfire breakfast at the War Memorial
2. Uniforms
3. Try to convince a test/state cricketer to watch with us
4. Challenges


  1. Sounds great mate.
    what did you have in mind for "challenges"?
    i wonder if we can get a photo put up on the screen, so we can update the photo under the DTW header.

    getting a cricketer on board may be harder, but a good idea, i think the best way to achieve this is greater exposure of this site.
    maybe we can get a photo of some of us with the person before B-day and post it here earlier to get more exposure... i don't know, just bangin' down thoughts at the moment.

    stoph verismo
    down the wicket

  2. Sounds good, put the polish on a perfect day. Are there BBq facilities in the Memorial precinct? if not there are heaps of other sites around that would suit. mmm Pakistani BBQ: Tikka Kababs, Bihari Kababs, Lamb, Grilled prawns....araragahghgh.
    We had shirts last year , Stoph thats your bag whaddaya reckon?

    Hows this for a challenge: Making sure Paul doesn't get kicked out?

  3. I think we should decide on a gettable cricketer and start up a public promotion

    "Get xxxxx to sit with us at the cricket" campaign.

  4. I reckon Boof, or Chuck Berry