Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Well, it's official

Brad Hodge has clearly violated Merv's wife. Surely Hussey dobbed him in.

The Ashes squad.

Ricky Ponting (c) (Certainty)
Michael Clarke (vc) (As above)
Stuart Clark (Dead eye)
Brad Haddin NSW (When has a keeper not picked himself?)
Nathan Hauritz (Pressure on this guy)
Ben Hilfenhaus (Good pick)
Phillip Hughes (Patience young one)
Michael Hussey (Tinniest man on the planet. Should be Hodge)
Mitchell Johnson (Best in the world right now)
Simon Katich (Mr Durable)
Brett Lee NSW (WTF!!, on what form??)
Graham Manou (Cleaner gloveman than Haddin)
Andrew McDonald (More runs please)
Marcus North (For when Watson breaks down)
Peter Siddle (Solid)
Shane Watson, QLD 27, subject to fitness (A big subject, the man's an invalid)

And there you have it. Sorry Brad, maybe next life. Go and have a beer with Jamie Siddons.


  1. struth you were quick mate, i'd just cut the list out and came over to paste...
    that's cool, thanks.

    the sub heading alone gets POTD! awesome!

    i can't argue with any of your player reviews too.

    There is pressure on Hauritz, and i'll stand by my call of him being a very good (not great) ODI bowler; but i doubt his test ability. that said, given his efforts of late, i'd love to be wrong and see him a real top tour and come into his own. he said some months ago he was working on a doosra, i'd love to see get some wix with it in Ashes cricket without chucking.

    Hodge/Siddons should just go out get trashed and sh!t all over the front door of CA!
    Hodges ommission is tantamount to national treason! if we lose the Ashes through lack of runs, that will be THE reason why.

    stoph verismo
    down the wicket

  2. I think Bollinger has been pretty unlucky - I don't think Hilfy has done enough to warrant selection over Bolly. Hussey surely has to bat for his spot now: he'll get picked in the first 11 and if he doesn't make runs by the end of the third test he has to be dropped (I think he should be dropped anyway).

    Agreed on Lee but I think he'll do well actually, he's had some bowling under his belt and the two tour games will give a better indication of how he'll go bowling 20 overs in a day.

    I hope North gets a go ahead of Watson - Watson still hasn't bowled at all and he surely can't get picked to bat at 6 ahead of North.

    My 11 (from the touring party only as I would have Hodge in):


    12th man - Lee/Watson

    I must say I'm not too impressed with the 16 so ideally the above would look different. I think we're short a batsman (in the 16) and I'd rather not have McDonald in (the 11) as I'm not sure he can bat but since Watson isn't bowling I can't justify his presence: McDonald will definitely get overs in contrast.

  3. One last thing on Hodge. Why the hell give the guy a contract if you're not going to take him on tour? Surely you'd contract a younger bloke if you want someone on the payroll should a spot arise: ie develop the next test generation. I was sure they must have wanted him in the squad as he is 34 and batting well. It's not like bowlers who are more prone to injuries so you have extras spare.

  4. i don't think either Bolly or Hilf have set the world on fire and guaranteed their use, but they both swing the ball each way and swingers are winners in Blighty. just look at the figures of Anderson in the last WI test... and to be brutal, he is NOT world class anywhere else in the world!

  5. the other thing with Watson is, not only is he more knackered than a jumps nag, but even now he has a niggling calf or achilles or something... always something!

    and as Lefty said, "if he isn't bowling..." then Ronald only has to bowl bugger all if the other bowlers are finding form. In fact if Lee, Johnson, Siddle and Clark all find form and effectivness, then why do we need an all rounder? there is enough in the batting stocks to bowl change over overs and tweekers with that bowling line up on-song.

    or if Hauritz is bowling well too, the above pace team and Haury, no all-rounder.

    don't get me wrong, i'm a fan of all rounders, but...

  6. same line up as Lefty too.
    but with Lee 12th man and if he gets form i'd drop MacDonald (unless he is dominating) push the lin up up one spot from Ronalds and slot Lee after Johnson.

  7. Hodge has been the unfortunate victim of horrific timing of his career and also some petulant batting at stages of his Shield career.

    I have to admit it was always going to be hard to dislodge the likes of Martyn, Ponting, M.Waugh, S.Waugh and Langer but I truly believe Katich was given a go because he was from the chosen land (NSW). It has always been that Victorians must score twice as many runs and take twice as many wickets to get a look in. You only have to look back at the Victorians that have played for Australia in the last 30 years. They seldom play only a handful of tests. Having worked so hard to get in the side they were never going to let it slip. I refer to Merv, Deano, Fleming and Reiffel. When the opportunities arose it was always assumed it would be Hodges turn but it always went elsewhere. It's a wonder he didn't feed himself a lead salad.
    Michael Clarke while solid now is hardly the revelation that he was once hailed as and did not deserve the chances he got. The selectors had him pinned as the next captain and a barely standard performance was going to be enough to clinch it for him. A pretty boy he is and cynical as it sounds CA thinks it will be good for the appeal of the game. Border, Taylor, Waugh and Ponting don't have that appeal. Clarke is not even the captain of his state.

  8. so if they 'need' a NSW VC, should Kat get it?

  9. I wouldn't be surprised.

  10. I reckon we'll see fire from Lee in the tour matches and he'll get a gurnsey. I'm ok with that if he is bowling well - put him in. I agree that this would come at the expense of McDonald rather than one of the other bowlers. The problem with that is Haddin moves up to number 6. He is good enough in my mind and if you're top 5 batsmen don't make runs they're not doing their job. Then Johnson takes the allrounder position!

  11. yeah, i hope he does fire, that is why when putting him in the line up he was after Jonno.
    Lee, Jonno, Hey-diddle and Clark would be an awesome line up if they fired together!

    i say the best pace team in the world if it happened; such balance and aggression!

  12. 3 fast bowler (with a lefty!) and a marksman!

  13. jonno's proved the finger breaker, but i'd hate more to be caught over the top of one of Hey-diddles rising sharply off the track the way he can!

  14. Actually, that does look a pretty good attack doesn't it! See off Johnson and Lee and then you get Siddle trying to kill you while Clark gives you nothing. Let's hope the four of them play together all firing and watch Cook and Strauss running for cover

  15. Siddle trying to kill you! that is awesome to the power of RAD

  16. Outside sledge - where are you dude?
    I know it's footy season but the roos are playing rubbish at the moment - get on board bro!

  17. If anyone saw the footy show last night they'll know how competitive Ricky Ponting is. They did a quiz game and he looked keener to win it than the Ashes!

  18. I heard Allan Border made a child cry at a shopping centre because he didn't let him win. The compere asked him why he said "Why would I?"
    Mercy is for the weak, or the dying.

  19. classic AB... and totally fair too!

    he should be called up to captain now! much more switched on and ruthless than Punter!

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  21. Stupid bloody footy...
    Christ am I having a nightmare?????
    Brett Lee in our test squad? WHAT?????
    The same Brett Lee that averages over 40 in test in Pomgolia? Not his batting average either. Luckiest bowler, where is he from again?
    Imagine facing him: "Shit this is going to go down my leg side at over 150km! or it will be a no ball, what do I do?"

    I had to check the squad several times just to be sure that Symonds wasn't in there.

    Hodgey, oh poor Hodgey, if only I had a sniper rifle and the selectors addresses to give you.

    Hang on, its friday night! Footy is on, gotta run.
    I had to

  22. u would "have to run" to catch any roos glory... like a lightening bolt, the goodness is gone b4 u had a chance to see it properly!

    outside, u deserve this after your horrid drop off here!