Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Isn't a Gayle just a lot of wind?

Thanks Leftriteout for pointing out WI captain Chris Gayles comments on test cricket.

Quite clearly, Gayle did not have his 'game face' on when he stepped off the plane for the English series. Given that the fixture was relatively late in be finalised, it would seem the top Windie doesn't have the fast paced mind his love of short form cricket would imply! Or is his mind so fast paced that he can't comprehend the intricacies of the 5 day game? The results of that series leads me to believe the later.

Or, is he so money focused that he can't see a value to cricket (Test). It has always been a bit of an issue in the West Indies moral (when not winning) that there is no "Nation" to play for, only a region. But I'm sure there would be plenty of young players that would give an unprotected left nut to play at an international level... any form of the game.

Whether Gayle's remarks were just a knee jerk reaction to the rushed nature of the tour, a long flight and the cold weather of Blighty juxtaposed against the tropical Caribbean, it doesn't behove a team captain to denigrate the great game. If Gayle is not inclined to play 5 days for a pay check, I'm sure he can make a years income in the IPL- or is he just too greedy. And that is where I'd prefer him with this attitude!

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  1. "Juxtapose", I like that word, it's insanely ridiculous sounding which is perfect for the Gayle saga (not your story Stoph) I am sure in hindsight Gayle would gladly take back his inane diatribe in regards to our wondrous game. He would surely recognise the roots of any cricket are five days long.

  2. what about behove?

    yeah, i think he was maybe just a bit "tired and emotional" when he shot off his mouth... not that i'll excuse him such blasphemy!

  3. I agree, face down draggings to all who trash our mighty game.

  4. face down draggings has become a personal fav.
    FDD for mark!