Wednesday, 21 January 2009


With only 3 games left of the Australian South Africa international summer left, can we make amends for the test series loss with a win in the ODI series?

I think the best cricket outcome would be 2 all and then a nail biter in the 5th game... but I'm just a hopeless romantic dreamer!
If this was the case, who thinks that Ponting and Co could feel somewhat redeemed?

At one game each so far, is Australia still the best 50 over side in the world?

Do we need to change the line up in any way?

And what of the NZ ODI games?
Are they (the games) of any real value?
NZ have proved to be a far more competitive ODI side, is an upset possible?

As i've said, "...hopeless... dreamer!"

stoph verismo


  1. No we can't 'make ammends' by winning anything but test matches against whoever we lose to. I'm sure Aus will take some consolation from beating SA in 50 over chicken; if we can figure out how to get Duminy out that would be a bonus. Good practice as always but add another 4 days in a row and you have what we'll be facing in South Africa. I'm sure you've expected sentiments like this from me Stoph!

  2. I completely disagree, the real question should be: Can the South African team redeem themselves from the whitewash handed out to them during the 20/20 (real Crucket) series?
    Or maybe the question could be: How does one succefully unnattach a Blimpet?

  3. expected and happily received sentiments LRO.

    Dumminy was interviewed saying he thinks the winner of the best of 5 ODI will take that as an advantage into the SA test series... which i suppose is what i meant in regard to making amends, because as you've implied, there is cricket and then there are limited overs games; a sentiment i partial hold too.

    stoph verismo

  4. Yeah, I never listen to the crap players spout in interviews. It's a small step to the bollocks commentators come out with; "Aus would love to get a couple of quick wickets here" and "United Arab Emirates will be looking to post a big total here". Oh really? Gee I had no idea the whole point of the game was to get runs and wickets; thank god that was pointed out through insightful dialogue. Imagine if we weren't told this stuff while watching cricket - we'd have no idea what was happening.

    The funny thing with 50 over chicken is that any number of games can be decided in the last over; by one wicket or a few runs. Would a team who won a series 3-2 in this format really think they were superior to their opponents? Would the losing team lose confidence even though they were very competitive? I reckon players are expected to come out with meaningless banter to fill sports pages and fuel excitement amongst the public. I'd love it if a player just ranted endlessly about nothing, contradicting himself like; "Yeah hopefully we get to bat first cos the pitch is pretty green, we'd love to get early wickets and really post a big total that we can chase down. After the last win we're pretty gutted by our performance; let that one slip in the first few overs. But we're confident we can give 'em a shake here so they can walk away with the win"