Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Who's day was it?

It's a funny game cricket.
At 3/15 who would have thunk the aussies would have finished the day at 9/341?
If you were told before the start of play that that would be the score would you have been satisfied that that was a good score?
Is it a good score anyway?
Always hard to tell after a team has batted on a first day pitch (was it a first day pitch....or a third?? maybe the title of another post...)
Ntini bowled exceptionally well, this guy has been around so long it is hard to believe he is only 31! He bowled in perfect areas never distracted or affected by the state of play...he had a job and stuck to it, for mine the player of the day.
Steyn bowled quick, but what does 5 or 6 k's quicker than everyone else mean on a pitch like this? The Aussies have yet to experience him at his best and they wont at the WACA.
Hayden got out to a ball that I would have left (that says alot) Ponting got a peach but he did go a bit hard at it, same with Hussey. Symonds played as he does and didn't show enough respect to the ball that got him. and Clarke had a brain fade...
After so many failures the Aussies have managed to make nearly 350 in a day. Good cricket by anyones standards, but the proof will be in the pudding that can only be tasted once the South Africans have batted once.
To be continued.


  1. Great start to a test match! I think the reason Aus has got close to 350 is the old adage of partnerships; one going past 100 (Katich and Clarke) and one getting close (Symonds and Haddin). Suddenly Aus had posted a reasonable total and all on the first day - great chance of a result when that happens. If 9th wicket hangs around 45 mins we could go close to 400 and I reckon Ponting would have taken that in a flash. I still don't rate Smith - I know he's got piles of runs this year (as have 4 others of their top order) but I haven't seen them! Kallis is a tosser, De Villiers I rate, haven't seen bearded Amla or too much of McKenzie. Saffers better stand up in their first dig - if they collapse I'm betting on a 2 zip series (Melbourne drawn). And, at a risk of sounding cliched, goodbye Hayden; you've served your Country well and now it's time to piss off. Get Phil Hughes in there before going to South Africa.

  2. Rodgers would have to feel stiffed if he didn't get another shot; he's having a blinder for the Bushrangers this season.

  3. Yeah good call. Rodgers does deserve another go. I just don't see why they have to keep picking guys who are 30 or over though. Apart from Clarke there is no batsman under 30, is there?

  4. And Johnston finishes with 8 giving Aus a lead of 90 odd to start their 2nd innings with. 4 of the top 10 scoring batsmen for 2008 couldn't get their team to 300 while one of the best bowling attacks (supposedly) in the world couldn't capitalise on 3 for 15 day one. Premature to be predicting a 3 zip series? Yes, but I'm going to anyway. Unless Melbourne weather is traditionally Melbourne for the Boxing day test (thus producing a draw) I don't see South Africa beating Aus. This doesn't mean to say they won't be competitive; there are signs from bat and ball that they can do the job. Moreso that this demoralised, rebuilding, 2nd string, over-the-hill Australian team (yes I'm directing sarcasm at you - stupid, idiotic, predictable media) is the best in the world and playing at home - that's all she wrote.