Tuesday, 16 December 2008

It's elementary dear Watson

How many chances does Andrew Symonds get, or warrant?
After not setting the world on fire playing for Queensland he was brought straight back into the bosom of the 1st 11. The reason given? He was in good form last time he played for Australia...
Never mind that he was averaging in the mid teens with the bat and had only taken 1 wicket in several games.
His batting in the 2 tests against New Zulland were no improvement, neither was his bowling.
Bottom line: He took a couple of nice catches, thats about it.

What was Watson doing during this time?
Other than gnashing his teeth and trying to grow dredlocks?
Most recently he was quietly taking 7/69 against a South Australian side including Younis Khan, (match figures 8/120) and scoring 81 in the 2nd innings.
Nuff said.

It may seem that I am "Symonds bashing" again but I do love to see him play... and reckon that he is one of the top 2 or 3 all-rounders in the world when he is in top form.
Rather, if anything, I am "CA bashing" why?
The Australian side would be a better, more polished, in form, resourceful side with Shane Watson as the All Rounder.



  1. Like I've said to the ever reliable Ponsford before; if Symonds or anyone is picked based on reputation rather than merit then the purpose and process of selection is now undermined. I don't care if Symonds was playing on the worst pitches ever made in Sheffield Shield this season; he still did bugger all against the sheep-shaggers. With a spinner in the side, and Clarke to back Kreja up Symonds can only be in the side for his batting and fielding. What more does Watson have to do?

  2. hmmm, you always should be picked on your form... probably why the worlds best cricketer did his dues with Vic for next-to-no matches after all of the BS that surrounds you when you are THAT good!
    but Roy isn't THAT good, but he is an outstanding talent. today's score proved that. and he played a great knock, as well as having the level head to play it out and make a knock of it.
    todays knock was not enough to rest on when people are questioning your position in the side, but it is a good start.

    so with all of that said, we need to remember that Ponting HAS claimed that Roy is in the side for his batting, so that is what he needs to get right, because his fielding is as usual saving lots of runs.

    On another note, surely chasing a ball that should have been left will see an end to Haydens awesome career. it is a pity he can't go out under his own terms, but unless he makes a packet in the 2nd innings, the selector MUST say thanks and bye bye Matt.

    stoph verismo

  3. Stoph, if you are talking about bloody Dean Jones again you're off your rocker. How many batsmen have made 100s and 100s of runs with few, if any opportunities at the top level. If I bagged my boss to her boss I'd have hell to pay. Jones can get stuffed; if you can't keep your mouth shut off the field you shouldn't be on it.
    Bloody Victorians; how many South Aussies and Tasmanians have missed out? Not one person from NT!

  4. not Jones, Warne. after he'd served his year off from the "mothers little helper" debacle.
    i think he played one club game, one or 2 bushrangers games and then 'bang' back into the aus xi- still not to his rightful position of captain!

    i don't push the Jones wagon in the same way as Ponsford (lamenting him being ostracised), i'm happy just pointing out all of ACB/CA's other many failings! ;-)

    SA and Tas should be lucky they could select sides of 12 from populations of dozens... maybe i should change states to get a game!
    ...and the NT's state team is called?

  5. Ha Ha Stoph, point well made. Sorry; didn't really understand your first paragraph. The NT state team is not well known; it's called the Top End Trifles. They play on dusty ovals devoid of grass so they haven't been allowed into the snobby, elitist echelon of Sheffield Shield.

    I think the comparison between Warne and Symonds is unjustified somewhat. Symonds had been playing and was playing like shit. Was Warne still training with Aus? I can't remember - have a feeling he wasn't. To be honest 1 or 2 Vic games are more than someone like him needs to get back into the Aus team.

    Regarding SA; words can't describe how much you've hurt me with your comments. I'll bide my time.:)