Thursday, 11 December 2008

two sides please

ok blokes, do your homework.
we've got a few day until the next test; given our respective ages i'd like an 1978-2008 world side, and because Ponsford is a big sook, an all time greatest world side to keep us going until Perth.

stoph verismo


  1. OK, here goes.
    1. Hayden
    2. Grenidge
    3. Viv Richards
    4. Tendulkar
    5. Border (vc)
    6. Healy
    7. Warne (capt.)
    8. Michael Holding
    9. Courtney Walsh
    10. Kapil Dev
    11. McGrath
    No apologies to England or South Africa.

    I will fire back after I have been picked apart... fat chance.

  2. Awesome, I was born in '79 so I'll give it my best shot. Gab I'm glad you've excluded Aussies - Sie I don't think any Aussies played in the tied test against Australia!

    1. G. Greenidge
    2. G. Gooch (Warney rates him very highly and he shits on Vaughn; not hard though)
    3. B. Lara
    4. S. Tendulkar
    5. V. Richards
    6. V.V.S.Q.R.G.B.K. Laxman
    7. I. Botham
    8. A. Stewart
    9. W. Younis
    10. W. Akram
    11. C. Ambrose

    I'd imagine I'll cop shit at least for Goochie but I couldn't put Desmond Haynes in there and have half a side of Windies. Similarly with the keeper - Dujon stands out but Alec Stewart could bat alright. Like Sie no apologies to the Saffers. Apologies to spinners - Mushtaq Ahmed in particular.

  3. So Australia is not part of the world???
    What are we doing, picking a 2nd 11? 2nd and a half?

    I quit.

  4. you poof! the rules should be - pick your Aussie dream team, then pick a world eleven, world meaning REST of the world. you already had a crack at picking your best Aussie team.

    "oh sie you have a spark in your hair"
    "get it of me! get it of me!"

    "hot stuff coming through"

  5. gooch was ok, he got better with a rug...thats why warne liked him.

    windies were once dominant so you would expect a strong showing.

    I will try and put my team by tomorrow.

  6. my thoughts were along the lines of world side 78-08 was non Australians. the all time greatest world side was every nation.


    I.V.Richards (c)
    S.Tendulkar (vc)

    12th man

    only three current players... don't know what that says!

    Jonty 12th man for his outstanding fielding square of the wicket.

    Mendis may [in time] revolutionise a bowlers role.

    Younis... because it's like picking an Aussie- but not because he didn't play for us! and for his in-swinging yorker.

    no one was scarier than Ambrose (unless you are one S.Waugh!)

    no one was more annoying (but worthy of the hatred) than Dick Hadlee!

    Beefy was just tops... and should have been an Aussie with his attitude.

    i still have a man-crush on Kumar!

    Lara and Tendulkar are obvious.

    Viv had you beat just with the way he walked to the wicket; and being a master of the hook shot without a helmet! undefeated in a series as captain, therefore mine.

    i couldn't break up that opening partnership.

    stoph verismo

  7. Hot stuff? Pretty Bland I thought and what does "get it of me" mean?
    Nothing wrong with being a poof either, dont knock it 'till youv'e tried it...
    How 'bout posting your team?

  8. Nice Stoph; I forgot Sangakkarra was a keeper - piss off Stewart, you gimp! Who the hell is Mendis?
    Ponsford, step up dude! Show us your 11!

  9. thanks Leftrite, check out
    particularly the chapter on bowling style... he's also on target to get the fastest time for his first 50 test wickets.


    and check Dravids face (1:20 into this one!) GOLD! people have said Mendis isn't a big turner, but his subtlety is the killer... which way did he go!