Tuesday, 9 December 2008

so, fron the 4 of us on mutual consent we have:

warne- who'd have thunk that- 2 say captain!

McGrath- Line and length pay off!
Lillee- probably the reason why blokes our age love cricket!

gee, it's looking a bit heavy on the bowlers- or awesome!

Ponsford, could you do an updated squad to fit the general consensus- players within our (your) memory, please?

stoph verismo


  1. warne is not proven as captain,

    McGrath & Lillee the best ever Aussie fast bowlers

    and who has seen Bradman, Ponsford, Neil Harvey etc bat.....

  2. OK, I will bow to the consensus.
    1 Hayden
    2 Boon
    3 Ponting
    4 Jones
    5 M. Waugh (his brother can get stuffed, luckiest cricketer in aussie history to get the job when we were dominating, and he wasn't even the best batsman in his family)
    6 Border
    7 Healy
    8 Warne
    9 Thommo
    10 Lillee
    11 McGrath

    Q: Who is the best keeper we have ever had?
    A: Gilchrist, because he was a better batsman.
    Your all insane, not giving the better keeper a place in a fantasy side.
    I'm going home to play with my Bails.

  3. lol! gilly has the most dismissals for Australia.
    Boon was more of a number 3, he did open with Marsh for a while but I think he had more success at 3.
    Both Waughs were good, your just pisses of cuase Warne hates him.
    Jones? I don't understand both your fascinations with him, again he did his work at number 3, they let him go because he was a sook and a new up and comer called bluette, there is another story.....

  4. and so we have:

    and lillee
    as a 4 way consensus on these 4 players.

    with 3 from the late 90's onwards it is no wonder that side was so strong!

  5. so you do; my bad!paying attention now.