Saturday, 27 August 2011

Big Shout Out

A big shout out for our good mate Lefty.

I can't pretend to know what you are going through mate but you should know you have some outstanding mates you can lean on.

Sometimes life throws one up that turns a little more than you expect.


  1. couldn't agree more Nos.
    Lefty, you are a total champ and lotsa love and best wishes are heading west with the sun every day form this neck of the woods.

    As well as that i'd like to promote you to captain of the S.S D.T.Wicket and all of the scurvy sea dogs that sail on her... AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!

    all the best for a rapid recovery bloke

  2. Nice thoughts boys, adding mine. Love ya matey, take care and cant wait to see ya!

  3. Cheers boys!
    What a start to the new order eh! Been pretty impressed with Clarke so far; good fielding placements, attacking cricket, good bowling changes.
    The new boys have held their own I reckon and will get better (although hard to see how Marsh could improve!).
    Once again I reiterate how pointless and undermining Ponting is by being around the set-up. I think there's a few reasons to kick him out now.
    (1) He's not making runs and can only have little time left. Why carry him through a lean patch? If he returns to number 3 and fails in the last test in SL then makes bugger all in South Africa surely that's time?!?
    (2) Marsh is late 20s and has a Hussey-like career lest at best. Yes that's still several years but get all that you can from him now. Every time Ponting bats that's an innings that Marsh/Khawaja/Hughes could have had to build their repetoir and learn about test cricket. If CA are going with Hughes in particular (rightly or wrongly) but also looking at Khawaja, Marsh and Ferguson as the future then at least give them a spot to lose; not one to flimsily hang onto when they get the chance.
    (3) Clarke is conducting his team in a different manner to what Ponting did - ie a good one. Ponting was immature and allowed his team to behave like children. Aus lost respect and then test matches. When Mahela didn't walk after Clarke caught him instead of charging up to him and giving him a mouthful Clarke settled his team and calmly spoke to Mahela. This is exactly what cricket demands and what Ponting ignored. Ponting's presence undermines Clarke's efforts to lead how he wants to and encourages idiots like Haddin and Watson to behave in the old mould.