Wednesday, 6 April 2011

DTW Sydney Tour 2012

Alright guys, with the demise of the Australian World Cup bid and the lull in any real cricket for quite a while I thought it pertinent that we begin to discuss the possibility of a DTW Sydney Tour.
I have already secured accommodation in Sydney with another cricket nut so we are sorted there. What we should aim for is to better the outstanding Adelaide weekend, which I know will be a tall order but I think we can get there.
What we need now is dedication to the task. We need able bodies to make the trek, drink the drink and walk the walk to the SCG. This is no trip for nancies. Sydney is no drinkwater town halfway to the Indian Ocean and will chew you up and spit you out in a second.
Who among you will volunteer. It will be tough. Beer and steak don't drink and eat themselves.


  1. Not sure I'm up to your high standards but since I'll be at the Test, perhaps I might meet up with the group at some stage?

  2. Definitely keen Sarge. I was thinking of flying to Melbourne and driving up with you boys if you were thinking road trip again. If not that's fine; I can meet you in Sydney. My sis and bro in law live there as well so I can catch up with them for new years. This summer Adelaide has an Aus day test against India! Hopefully this means for my cricket there's an extra week where we normally don't play due to the test match.
    Stoph/Outy what say you?
    Looking forward to meeting you Lango!

  3. like a big jar of mustard, i'm KEEN!

    just talking about it is getting me back interested in cricket, sorry about my slackness

  4. A road trip is the go. We had a ball on the way to Adelaide. On the way back sucked a bag of dicks but we soldiered on. More in the car means shorter stints behind the wheel too.
    As for your slackness Stoph I am willing to overlook it because I love you but I expect a bigger effort from you for the next phase, planning.
    Obviously it must be bigger and better than last year which will be a task.

  5. the prospect of a road trip terrorises me! 55min on a plane or 13 hrs driving...but i will go with the flow...bags not last shift on the trip there! any suggestions for a theme?

  6. 13 hours? We are going to Sydney, not Newcastle. The theme should definitley be androgynous criceters.

  7. I'll leave it to you three to decide on mode of transportation as I'm happy to fly direct to Sydney and meet you there but I'd caution against leaving it too long. Around that time of year flights will already be fairly pricey so if we're all flying then let's not leave it too long.
    I don't know the exact date of the test though; could be anywhere from new year's day to the thrid I guess. A road trip could well mean driving over new years - or making sure we're in Sydney for new years.
    Since you guys made the treck to Adel I'll put my hand up for last driving stint into Sydney if we go that way.
    'Definitely androgynous cricketers'? You really don't like Clarke do you Nos!?

  8. Road trip is the way to go. With 4 in the car it will cost $40 each.
    Since the test starts on the 3rd we can leave early the 2nd.

  9. To be honest I'd love to drive up there with you boys - two hours stints each and I'm happy to put my hand up for the last stint into Sydney so you boys can booze it up. Once we get a consensus from Sledgie and Stoph I'll book flights to and from Melbourne - may as well be in Melbourne for new years eh!

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  11. ok, i'll go with majority rules and road trip it.

    androgynous is a cool do we do it? i'll need to hit the sewing machine now if i'm making something!