Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The new tactician!

Sending Johnson in is a very good example as to why Ponting is limited in his ability to be anything other than a reactionary captain; Clarke knows his man and his ability and has created a situation where the game is ON.

Johnson with his head down is a fine batsman with nearly every shot. Coming in at 3 has allowed him to do this, play strokes, keep the run rate up and club the sh!te.
Pup, great tactic!


  1. A good win and bodes well for the world cup- chasing a solid total for a record reply at the ground.

    Smith strain a concern.

    I thought the batting was the big improver with so many contributions on a good batting track but with a well set field. Singles being the order of the day during the middle part of the Aus innings and at that time 2's having to be well run and 3's unheard of.

    I didn't our bowling apart from the highlights- Jonos wicket ball being a peach- although i listened to Tait's first spell when he got up to speed straight away but according to Skull was also gunbarrel straight in the dry conditions. In the highlights of the England wickets it appeared to be moving a bit sideways so i don't know if the cloud in the sky next to the SCG changed conditions.


  2. Great photos Stoph! DTW certainly needs to head over the water and rock Bellerieve's world I think.

    The run chase was awesome last night. I started watching with Johnson and Clarke in and the game could have gone either way a few times; when Johnson got out and then when White went. Clarke batted perfectly and a few shots absolutely rocketed off the bat even if they didn't get 4. Good signs that he's hitting the ball better.

    Obviously this bodes well only for ODIs but with no test cricket til August there's not much else to think about is there? Doing well in the world cup will be all the more important for the playing group and perhaps more for the public than usual. I was appalled that Clarke was booed in Brisbane. The guy has not done anything that wrong other than not score runs. If our crowds start to lambaste our own players because they don't think they're doing well enough we're as bad as any fickle and fanatical cricket public in the world.

    I'm obviously a fan of Clarke and so admit to bias and happiness that he's scored a few now. But ODIs do require a captain to make several decisions in one day and he's made some pretty astute decisions this series I think.

  3. thanks Lefty, just phone/cam, but it is such a cool ground i thought i should share.

    i certainly would love to pencil in a Hobart Test soon, it is such a fun place.

    Yeah, the Clarke BOOING was horrid.... mmmm, basted lamb.
    but to his credit he has not only won the series and is 5-1, but has batted well too.