Thursday, 6 January 2011

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no point talking about the England batting, that has been covered.

Ok, the run out. Clearly Australia need a LOT of work in the skill of calling and communication.
Last season i played with guys i'd never met and had barely spoke to prior to the middle, but it is a basic skill, call loud, be decisive. Never involved in a run out, It isn't that hard.

Hughes... I like the idea of giving him a run at it, but to be honest, i doubt he has the temperament. I'm not saying that as a negative thing, but just maybe, Test isn't his thing if he always wants to go after it but can't keep his head down for longer than 15 overs.

Now i'm watching Tremlett (liking his style a lot, aggressive with the ball, the odd look, but no histrionics) just working hard for his teams cause. And Clarke and Khawaja (future cap?) batting. They are looking good and business like, doing what needs to be done. Nothing wrong with Swann's bowling, just good sensible batting from heads that KNOW they must be there at stumps. For once i'm seeing good leaves.

As a final point, i want to say something that is not related to the play on field.
We all acknowledge the atmosphere and sense of fun the Barmy Army add to the game, but it shouldn't be under rated how much their voice adds to the players confidence. What is one of the first things players do when getting a 1/2 or tonne or a match victory...thank the Barmy Army.
The Fanatics have been remiss in their developing a counter punch to the pervasive chants of the Army.
I know Aussie collaboration is harder than herding cats, but the desire is there, the direction is NOT.

stoph verismo
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  1. Good bye series!

    Tremlett, great ball... now on a hat trick as i write!


    will we see a 9 slips cordon?

  2. As i've said, i know it is grotty, but i'm glad of this result. Because there should be no ducking and dodging about what has gone wrong... we are NOT good enough, and England CONGRATS, well played.

    btw, who is the designated ball polisher in the Aus side? This has been a consistent policy over the last few years of Ashes cricket for England and the ball looks almost too good! Hello Marcus T- you should have caused an Ashes decision reversal with your admission of ball tampering!

    But as it stands, i'm not accusing England of this now because this has been a very fine victory.

  3. The Aus polisher used to be Warne I think so maybe when the best spinner in the world left the game so did our shiner!

    Isn't it funny that we were bemoaning the Army's lack of voice in Adelaide when they had every reason to be vocal!

    A mate of mine that's been living in England for bloody ages wondered aloud how did the singing not make it from England to these shores. It may be a form of separatism like the drinking of cold beer but it really shits me the way most Aus crowds retort to the Barmy Army. When we went into the Army crowd in Adelaide they immediately starting singing a song about having convicts among them. What does the typical group of Aussie supporters chant? In Adelaide it was about getting HIV from English women and in Melbourne it was telling the poms to 'fuck off home'. Absolute genius.

    Boys, it's up to us to get Australia singing. Maybe we can get Cricket Australia to fund DTW to go to Sri Lanka in August!

  4. stoph verismo said... (23/11)
    ok, i'll play, but i don't like what i'm going to say.

    england win 2-1 (maybe 3-1, but i think rain)

    btw- i was miles off with my other predictions.

    So Lefty, does that mean Aus are without shine? I think the answer speaks for its self.

    The Army ar a great benifit to the team and have stuck with them through the low times...and now for their rewards; which i think they will get for at least 3-4 more years.

    It's just that i'd been thinking about them (BA) and the Fanatics and realised that we knew what to expect with the Army (as did everyone) and the Fanatics have done nothing to be equally supportive, so i've sent them a letter and have it hre as an open letter for everyone else to see.

    my letter to the Fanatics:

    Well done Fanatics on becoming nothing more than a travel agency!

    Your lack of vocal support and organising vocal support in the Ashes has been astounding! Did you think the Barmy Army were just going to sit quietly waiting for their beer to warm up in the sun? Their team has played vastly better, but the Army know their players are lifted with the Army behind them... and the players acknowledge this every time.

    Shame on you for not orchestrating a similar strategy and allowing our team to be harangued at every home venue!

    The Barmy Army have stuck with their team (loudly) through the lows and will now enjoy the highs and their planning of vocal support only highlights the fact that your focus is now on being a travel business that masquerades as a support base!

    Enjoy you profit making and next tour of who-cares-where!

    stoph verismo


  5. How embarrassing. Beaten in every area on our home soil.
    How frustrating must it be/have been for Clarke and Ponting to have bowlers who either cant or wont bowl to a plan.
    Batsmen who set no value on their wicket, it's like some bright spark told them to "go out and play your natural game".
    This sucks.
    Horrible to listen to Skull extolling the virtues of Phil Hughes at every turn then not give him the lashing he deserved when he went cheaply again...FAIL
    Watson as an opener FAIL
    Ponting FAIL
    Clarke FAIL
    Johnson, Hilfenhaus FAIL FAIL
    Selectors FAIL

  6. Apart from the Fanatics v The Barmy Army t20, where the website had Fanatics up 2-0... but it is t20 and the fanatics, so who cares!

    I can't wait to here the litanu of excuses and dodgy dodging from CA 35minutes after play start (and finishes) today.

    Skull must be getting his bell-end polished by Hughes, because you are spot on Sledgey.

  7. atson - Eventually 50's NEED to be 100's
    Hughes - Not compact enough for opener
    Ponting - GAWN
    Clarke - Immature, impulsive
    Hussey - Valiant but not in our plans
    Haddin - As per Hussey. Payne should step up
    Smith - Too little too late. Too soon.
    North - As per Ponting but a year too late
    Johnson - Best is unplayable but rarely sighted. Worst is pus
    Siddle - Workhorse. Hang around son
    Hilfenhaus - Pedestrian. Start walking
    Harris - Should be back after injury. Solid
    Bollinger - Not fit.

    I think this series proved that Australia at their best can beat England.....but they have to be at their worst. And good teams don't play that bad for very long.

    This team is perhaps not the worst I have seen as far as personnel goes but it is by far the worst as far as attitude and application.

    The time has come to put away the phrase "natural game" Clarke. Especially when it is getting you out! Your natural games are suited to harmless one day tracks not test cricket idiot!

  8. Glenn Mitchell just took on Alderman who stated that the newspaper headline that said WORST AUS SIDE was wrong.

    Mitchell rattled off a litany of reasons why, first and formost:
    first 3 innings defeats in a series- this didn't even happen against the great WI's side. Even worse due to being at home. Think about it in 5 Tests England won with only 7 innings! A full test and a half less batting!

    i actually didn't put to memory the other 4 or 5 reasons, but it made me just think, HHHHMMMMMPPFFFFF!

    It just all came across as too easy for England, but credit to them.
    For me the stand out was the planning and organisation. Everything was structured to get this result, we were still scratching our heads about line ups as people got thrown together, "There you go boys, you're a team now!"

    Strauss just thanked the supporters and said at many times it felt like a home game... this is OUR shame.