Sunday, 26 December 2010

here we go!

What a show we are expecting!
Will it be a world record?
Did England "hiccup" last time?
Can we get that urn back?
Will it rain?
Punters finger? ...and can he get runs?

We're about to find out some of these answers on crickets blue chip day. so strap ya selves in Melbourne, DTW is at the G and the tartan is swinging free!


  1. Any comments after Boxing day? I could still hear the Barmy Army singing Jerusalem and others above the 90,000 strong Aussies yesterday - what's with the lack of vocal support on your part?!

    It's looking good for us at the minute, but I still wouldn't say it's a done deal yet - you blokes have a knack of pulling something out of nowhere.

  2. MPA, so many comments, some of which are regarding the match.

    yep, we could hear jerusalem too as we were behind the army. it is something i didn't get - that song- so i've looked up the lyrics, ah, the lament of a lost empire. But that could be perceived as a sour grapes comment after day one.

    I think the reason you don't hear much from us is a cultural thing, we don't really sing because you'd need to be able to either remember the lyrics of a song, or read them....we struggle on both of those fronts!

    What is grand is that we have the venue and the capacity to create a 90k crowd, and no one fights and we can all sit together regardless of the locals getting spanked and it being a pretty dim day weather wise.

    i would like to comment more on the play, but the sound wasn't on the tv at the pub we were in so all i know is everytime i looked up a wicket fell! the reason we were in a pub is long and complicated and i'll leave that to others to tell... or not.

    Of interest was the fact that when your 3 batsman that HAVE made runs fail, you end up with a double figure total; just not good enough.
    And while me may get away with it (it is early days) i think the Ashes will once again go back to Blighty...hang on a minute, they never come here anyway!
    I'm not bitter about loosing, but i didn't get one txt or call from English mates last test, but my one rang hot yesterday...strange that!

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  4. As badly as I behaved (?) There were 11 others at the ground who were much worse me thinks... At least I got back into the ground after I had been dismissed!

  5. What a show we are expecting! NOT MUCH OF SHOW

    Will it be a world record? NO, A LOT OF EMPTY SEATS

    Did England "hiccup" last time? APPARENTLY YES

    Can we get that urn back? ABSOLUTELY NO

    Will it rain? YES

    Punters finger? WHO KNOWS...and can he get runs? NO!!

    The record was least number of balls watched before being ejected by over zealous but technically correct ground staff.

    The cause of the ejection shall not be named on this site but their initials are Outside Ledge.

    I agree Stoph Australia's batting woes were disguised by Haddin and Hussey in Brisbane and the same pair plus Johnson in Perth. But there are woes and if we lose this test those woes should be dropped.

    I am talking to you Clarke. Your selection in the team is worse than your shot selection in the middle. You play like a man in form on 50 as soon as you walk out. Same with you Watson but your form is better.

    Hughes I will forgive. It's not his fault he got picked out of form and should finish the series.

    I predict a score of somewhere near 500 from the Poms then a short day four as we are bowled out for less then 300 and the Barmy Army tear this town a new one.

    And so I say to Mr Hilditch. Forget anything else. The World Cup and any other series. Start picking a side that can go to England and take that fucking cup back. Test player should not play one day cricket. They should play Shield cricket and county cricket so they can learn to play on decks that are not custom made for batting.

    Our "batsmen" have become too accustomed to flat tracks and their shot selection shows it.