Friday, 5 November 2010

Kiltage, have left the building!

Sledgeys new Heritage of Wales cilt

heads up blokes:
the order of our cricket attire has been packaged and picked up by the freight company in Paisley (Glasgow).

estimated landing date this tuesday.(9/11)
as i said, this company are very good and have always been early- estimated date when order placed was the 15th (i think).

i will keep you informed as i know more, or you could track it yourselves:

FEDEX- TRACKING # 790729795016


  1. Awesome! Lani is dismayed but I'm loving it!

  2. Lefty, show Lani how hot i look in my pic in the posting...undeniably tops!

    now i've got to work out a hat for myself. am thinking slouch... not sure yet. you got me thinking how twisted i can get with it Lefty when mentioned your scottish hat; i'm pastey so i need sun protection.

    we have a suggestion from Blacky that we could do our own mexican wave kilt lift to expose our aus-animal-undies!

  3. package has now left the Paris depot!

  4. Vicky just rolls her taste!
    Wait till she sees me in it, I wont be allowed to leave the shed!

  5. the perfect outcome, in the shed, in peace.

  6. package has landed and left GUANGZHOU, FEDEX has updated delivery date to monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. now in Melbourne. Monday looks good!

  8. in Derrimut, cleared for pick-up: 10, 9, 8,7....

  9. i better get to work than!
    ...still at home!

  10. it has arrived!!!!!!!!!
    come and get em!!!!!

  11. surprisingly to my surprise,the kilt(cilt,as simon spells it)DIRTY MINDS!!!!,looks kinda ok,.....alright, kinda hot!
    He thinks hes hot too!

  12. cilt is the Welsh spelling, but it is very Freudian.

    has he taken it off?

    glad you've come around SAI (cool name too!)

    now to keep the ther ladies at bay!

  13. Better start working on the accents boys; mine's not too bad if I do say so myself; which I just did.
    Very jealous you boys are getting to try them on before Adelaide. I'd love to wear mine to training!

  14. would you like me to post yours to you Lefty?
    your saltaire sporran looks tops, my boss lady and kids want me to get one now, too.

    as i got a Blackwatch party kilt too (to have as a spare in case we get more interested in coming kilted- and because i've become a bit obsessed!) i can say that given it is a lot lighter (great if it is hot) than the 5 and 8 yard kilt it doesn't 'drape' as well. the manufacturers have also ran some long threads through the pleats to ensure they stay together through transport (a common practice).
    this is easily cut and pulled out.

    my Blackwatch is a little creased from transport so i recomend after intial trying on and showing off, putting the kilt on a hanger to straighten it out. or laying it flat with all the pleats correct and then pressing it with a board over the top and some weights for a few days. i'll look into if it can be ironed- i'm at work at the moment so i don't have one with me.

  15. i'm messed up on the accent front! i'm learning Scots Gaelic- but can't do a Scots accent (even though i've worked with Scots my whole life!); i'll have to stick to my Paddy accent.

    i can teach everyone a few choice profanities in Scots Gaelic- Rach thusa Sassanach gillie toin! will tell a pom where to go for a cruise up the dirt track! ;-)

  16. Of course I had it on all night and I am sure there would have been members of the fairer variety that would have loved to get into the cilt!
    There should be a warning on the label about the power of the kilt/cilt.

  17. there certainly are powers attached; i hope Lani is spellbound too!

  18. ok, just checked, the Blackwatch can be cool ironed.
    i'm going to tidy up the pleats and i'm sure it will fix the creases

  19. I dont have a Welsh accent but I do have Vowel that ok?

  20. So, what you do (as i have just done:
    lay the kilt down so it is the inside you are ironing. do the 2 ends first (the non pleated parts- known as the apron), then lay out the whole pleated section so that you are ironing it all across the top half first.
    do that, then slide it over the edge so you can iron the bottom half. when doing it, ensure all of the pleats are folded flat and even before ironing.

    ta dah!

    mine came up well and it really puts a better edge on the pleats as well as get ride of the creases.

    remember low heat.

    remember too, this is a cricket web site, i will stop doing domestic chores here as of now!

    any question email me.

  21. no wonder yyou have vowell probllyms Slledgeyy, Welsh is nearly bereft of them... all those Y's and LL's aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

  22. Thanks for the offer Stoph, Sledgie has my address so let me know postage costs and your account info and I'll transfer into your account.

  23. no worries mate. Sledgey gave it to me last night (and the address!) i'll try and do it Friday, as i'm having an op tomorrow and have to get organised today for that.
    i'll email a/c details too.

    look out Lani! the kilt has unexplainable powers!

  24. God knows I need those powers!
    Thanks mate, good luck with your op