Wednesday, 22 September 2010

It's Just Not Cricket

I'd just like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt support for my beloved Collingwood in this year's AFL Grand Final.



  1. it certainly is "Game on" for me.
    after deciding a few years back that insted of suffering the humility of supporting a team that i was indoctrinated with as a child, i would support the team most local to home- St Kilda. this felt the right thing to do as they'd always been my "2nd team" anyway, and i was more interested in them due to the local aspect.

    but this last 2 years as i immerssed myself in Collingwood for my sons sake i have found myself watching most of their games and even going to a couple. after singing the club song with gusto at the last game we went to (round 22 against Adelaide) number one son declares "you really are a Collingwood supporter. If they win the GF, you have to support them for life!"
    Well, as i've said, i've watched them most of the year, and they'd been good, but this match against Adelaide they were rubbish, maybe it was getting too close to September for them! "Ok," i said, "but only if they win against the Saint!" we shook on it, and now...

    Oh dear!

  2. That's GOLD!! Join the dark side Christopher!!

    Good to see your son has chosen correctly. I guess the missus is a Pies supporter?

  3. I have always been a black and white supporter - supporting Port Adelaide in the SANFL from the time I can remember. When they went into the AFL I remained a Collingwood fan as I stated 'they're not Port Adelaide' but half way through their first season my fellow football going mate convinced me that they were indeed Port Adelaide and not a wolf in sheep's clothing. After many years I see PA as my childhood Port Adelaide and therefore have suffered the humiliation of the 2007 GF but remained true.
    Back in 1991 I went on a football trip to Melbourne and bordered with a mad keen Collingwood family which took to me to see them against Carlton at Waverly. They were members of some sort and after the game I got to go down to the rooms and actually get into the player's area and met Daicos, Milane and co. Being surrounded by the greats like Monkhorst was a once in a lifetime experience. On the way to the airport we drove past Victoria Park and out the front was Leigh Matthews. We stopped and got him to sign a present my host family had given me - a book called 'Kill for Collingwood'.
    I've always had a soft spot for Collingwood but really don't mind who wins on Sat. It's been a while for St Kilda but in 1990 it had been an eternity (felt like) for Collingwood and I think they've got more of a chance to back it up in the next few years than the Saints have. Whatever happens, God I hope it's a good GF - unlike 2007!
    Since it appears Nossie and Stoph are Black and White - go you Pies!

  4. Yes, Lefty YES!!!

    I think after the draw Stoph must cede and accept he is a two team man. The gods have aligned and said it is so....

  5. Ahem , this is a cricket site and the footy season has past. No one even remembers who won the Premiership anyway...

    GO ROOS.