Thursday, 25 February 2010

a stitch in time

sorry to be so abscent guys, very personal stuff going on in my life at the moment: very good stuff too. in brief -because this is not the place- i made first contact with my genetic mother, and over the 2 weeks we went through the full range of relationship development to get to a point now where we can look forward to the rest of our lives knowing each other.
pretty heady stuff to be sure!


how was Sachins double!
i must say how pleased i am with this outcome; as an absolute champ and wonderful ambassador of the greatest game it is fitting that he snaffled this record before anyone else and when it must only be a matter of time before he wanes. maybe he never will!

against an RSA side with its complete compliment of bowlers Sachin has stamped his name indelibly into another page of the record books and maybe if current trends prevail just in time before the demise of ODI.

well done Sachin Tendulkar, you truly are the (little) Master!


  1. An interesting flick to leg on the topic of "your world" events Stoph.
    Wonderful news which might perhaps fill in holes you have kept digging and not knowing why.
    Warmest wishes.

  2. I'm so happy for you Stoph! This is great news indeed. I hope this helps you on your path to wholeness and is as rewarding as it can possibly be.

  3. delayed thank you to the two of you. sorry, very abscent (minded)