Wednesday, 6 January 2010

AWESOME.....and a retraction

Just got home from a hard days slog with the cricket in my earphones, fidelity boosted by the earmuffs... What can I say? nothing surely that any of the commentary has already said, it was awesome: Siddle's Gumption (for you stoph) and Hussey's professionalism were a highlight as well as Pontings confidence in his bowlers namely Hauritz who had gone for a few runs prior to tea.

Now the retraction... I blasted the first day pitch the other day and although I stand by the comments, the way that the game played out made for awesome listening.
Hang on...
Does that make it ok?
Was the pitch fair/true?
Is it like when Tails asked Punter about his decision about the toss after the game: "was it the right decision"? and the answer came back "it is now"
Am I glossing over what should be a polish for the Aussie cricket team?

I would have liked to have listened to the Hobart test with the series result in the balance but am stoked with the way we have won so... am going to go and have another 17,000 beers while the house sleeps.

Go cricket, you rock.


  1. yes, it is ok. the pitch WAS under done, tests are alloted 5 days, so the fact the aus 1st innings and really the whole day was done and dusted in a few hours reflects on the pitch not being el dente as much as it does on the aus batsmen not keeping their heads down, and the paki quicks capitalising on that and the conditions.

    but who cares!
    it all made for riveting stuff!
    same for me for Hobart... but cest la vie!

    yes cricket... you do!

  2. I still reckon that pitch was exactly what test cricket needed. If you worked hard you could make runs but the bowlers were always in with a chance. The only thing I'd concede is that batting should be easier on day 1 than day 4 and this was certainly not the case.