Thursday, 29 October 2009

tactics... i'll take a punt!

Well done Punter! you did the Aussie thing by "havin' a dip". You had a try at something you have no ability to support, and in spirit of the national character YOU FAILED gloriously and with little outward remorse!

It is gracious to admit to being out played, but when you failed to follow that oh-so-old and cliched tenet of cricket, "if you win the toss- bat. If you win and are unsure-BAT", then all you 've shown is that your punting habits have got the better of logic and good judgement.

The assumption that it was a good tactic to have a bowl first so the Indian spinners had no purchase on a dewy wicket strikes right to the heart of why you should not be captain. You are a fine batsman, but have not mastered the basics of 'Tactition for beginners.'

I accept it was the Indian batsman that took the game away from Australia, in particular MSD's top knock, but your heart must have dropped out your pucker-hole when they posted a record score against Australia. I wonder what your tactical G-up was in the change rooms at the break?
"Just build some partnerships boys." GOLD! I'm sure everyone went out thinking, "We've got this in the bag."

Good luck betting on the Melbourne Cup; can you make that the only rash gamble you do for the rest of November?


  1. This should probably go under the ‘player mis-management’ section but as it applies to both last night’s game and player welfare I’ll write this here.

    Are Cricket Australia seeking to ruin their test playing summer by competing in stupid and pointless one day series? Are they trying to clean the states out of their number one wicket keepers? Bloody hell!

    While it can’t be said that this current ODI series is directly responsible for diminishing Australian playing stocks; it doesn’t make it any easier for players to come into an Australian summer fresh as daisies. Lee is out, Johnson is playing injured – maybe they should try to break down Siddle and Hilfenhaus next so we only have Bollinger, Geeves and a couple of other uncapped bowlers to take on Pakistan and West Indies. Both of whom must be licking their lips watching this utterly ridiculous tournament.

    Put simply, test players should not be competing in India at the moment. I concede that Hopes is not ever going to don the baggy green so I’m not concerned about his injury in the same way. But you can guarantee they’ll play Johnson if he can walk and that is plain dumb. These sorts of series should be about players like Marsh, White, Voges and co. playing on the international stage. If selectors have no intention of Lee playing test cricket again then fair enough but if he’s in calculations for this summer – what the hell are you doing idiots?!?

    Bring Hussey (argh), Johnson, Ponting, Hilfenhaus, Watson and Lee home now! For the love of cricket do it now!

  2. Yeh you learn in primary school. Win the toss, bat.Unless the pitch and weather are uncertain. Then you take a look at the pitch and the forecast - AND STILL BAT!!
    With dew comes a slower outfield too Punter you friggin captaining retard. He should not be allowed to make the call. Let's face it, with a less talented team at his disposal he would have been replaced as captain in his first series.
    Give it to Katich until Clarke is ready.