Friday, 11 September 2009

(Cameron) White wash on the cards

I've had a bit of a ridiculous schedule of late, so there is no way i've been able to (or really wanted to) stay up for the ODI's against, but i have caught most of the replays; a better option at the moment. Watching last night some things became obvious.

The few things that have stood out are:
The different crowds at the ODI's compared to the tests. At the tests there is crowd applause for good cricket, regardless of the country. At these games you can hear the tumble weeds rolling down a road three blocks away when Aus get a wicket. While this is not particularly unusual anywhere in the world, i don't think i've ever heard such silence! It seems all of the Aussies in London left when the GEC kicked in!

England's fielding has been sub-par, and the replay last night highlighted this and made me think the result could have been somewhat different. Dropped catches -yeah, you Bresnan, what a sitter!- and Anderson's TWO failed run outs; not close calls- missed opportunities!

Of course there is the poor batting throughout the order too- apart from their imports (nice reverse sweep Morgan). Do Australia have any plan for Strauss?

On the flip side, Aus are looking solid. White should fight Punter for the #3 spot as it gives him even more time to create a big innings without having to belt it out of the park further down the line up. Can Ponting be persuaded to come in at 4? He must feel happy stepping back in at 3-0 up!

Talk on cricinfo is of the possibility of a 7-0 whitewash (or White-wash, if he stays at 3!). Who cares, one more, get the series, and then if we clean up, reflect further on what a waste 7 games is. It will be one more nail in the English 50 over game if Australia win the next game/series, no one turns up for the last three games and the ECB end up in deficit for the series!

Finally, i think most of us here -certainly myself- have had to eat a large slab of humble pie (with cockles and eel) in regard to Watson. Not only is he staying fit, but he is bowling efficiently, getting wickets and appears to be playing with a lot of heart: maybe too much as he looks totally gutted and on the verge of tears when hit for four! Maybe transferring his batting poker face (deals well with a bowlers lip and rot) over to his bowling.

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  1. As always I'm happy to be proven wrong with Aus players and am glad Watson has avoided tearing a hamstring getting a morning coffee.

    It will be interesting to see what selectors do with him this summer as hopefully he's not thought to be the answer to an opening spot dilemma.

    Clarke really hasn't looked the ODI batsman has he? I reckon if Ponting is to go in then Clarke should go out. But really, I have been totally disinterested by this limited over stuff. Whereas I always knew when a test match was on; I was at home not doing much and didn't even realise I was missing the third ODI.

    At least Aus is looking good to take home some cash from the Champions Trophy.

  2. Yawn. After watching my beloved Magpies down Adelaide and all the excitement I switched on the cricket. The pyjama party really used to get me excited but even though Australia were well on top I just could not get into it. It needs a revamp, quickly. I still like the idea of batting and bowling sides. The games would never be over when you could have the like of David Hussey coming in at number 10.

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