Thursday, 6 August 2009

To Lee or not to Lee

...That, it seems is the question.
With Brett announcing that there is no reason that he shouldn't be picked as far as his fitness goes and with Australia under increasing pressure to put together 5 days of solid cricket the selectors will be feeling the heat.
I have never been a big fan of Lee (no secret) in Test cricket but I feel that he is just what the side needs right now: Some fire, fear, unpredictability and energy.
If he is picked then the bowling attack needs to be balanced, I agree with Lefty on this and much that it pains me I think Siddle would be the one to make way. Johnson improved during the 3rd Test, Hilfenhous is a no brainer and Hauritz is bowling well.
So to the batting:
Watson is safe (no injuries...WTF?)
Katich although not making large scores is usually staying at the crease for the first 20 overs or so. (no alternative anyway)
Ponting and Clarke are fine.
North saved himself with a good dig in the second innings (pity he was in a race to 100 with Pup).
Hussey is the problem but if the selectors do anything about it I will go he.
Haddin is set to come back in after sooking about a broken finger (Talk to Heals matey and harden up a bit).
So my thoughts are there will be one change to the team.
With the weather looking ominous lets hope we can reverse the pressure with a win.

Alas poor Warney, I knew him Horatio.


  1. I'm not sure Healey considered a broken finger an injury. More an occupational hazard.
    If a broken finger bothered Haddin last test, it will bother him a week later. Keep Manou, he is a better gloveman anyway.
    Lee in, Hauritz out. Let's batter them with pace.

  2. I’ve got a fairly left field (ha ha) idea to win the test, dependent on weather. If it looks like raining to the same extent it did at Edgbaston the only way to go to the Oval at 1 all is ensuring you get 10 wickets (of course you ALWAYS have to do this to win a test!). Therefore, if before the commencement of play it looks like rain and more rain I’d drop a batsman and put in Lee and Clark, dropping Siddle and Hussey. Go in with 4 pacemen and Hauritz and blast the hell out of them. Back your batsmen to make quick runs. The other alternative is Watson bowling 15 overs in which case Hussey stays and Lee misses out. Johnson is your impact bowler and Clark gives you nothing. That is what we’ve missed: the application of enough pressure.

    There is clearly a lot wrong with my approach but it’s worth emphasising that it is made with an eye to winning the test in the event of it being 3 days. This is Waugh/Taylor mode. Go for the jugular, play with confidence, always go for the win.