Sunday, 9 August 2009

English Fairy Tales

Two things are apparent at Headingley but they are not revelations. For twenty years these particular truths have been constantly reaffirmed in Ashes cricket. Firstly, never underestimate an Australian side's ability to lift off the canvas and completely crush their opponent and secondly, never imagine you've seen the worst English performance ever. Allied to the latter is the truth to Ian Botham's "pink gin" claim years ago in reference to those who run the English game. At Headingley, with a series win safely in both hands and admittedly without their two best players, the English selectors picked an unbalanced team and will leave the players to pay the price.

With their second innings in tatters at 5-82 and no batsmen left, the game will be over by lunch tomorrow, providing deserved time off for the players and an early night for dedicated Australian fans.

England have provided Australia with the way back into this series which will be one-all after a seven session Test. The momentum once with Australia will not be headed by the English who have been run down by this steam roller before. Its just so sad their selectors and officials staked them out in its path. Apart from anything else, they'll be refunding a lot of revenue in unused tickets. A nice day to go for a walk and find yourself an Englishman.

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  1. I have to say, when the english side was put up on the screen I could not believe they had opted for an extra bowler and left their already bleak batting stocks a quality man down. Bopara is not a number 3. He plays too far away from his body with the newish ball. Bell is soft and continues to have soft dismissals. Collingwood is a scrapper but needs partners. Prior is perhaps the tinniest batsmen I have seen for a while. Whilst not out in the 1st innings he was not in control of so many of his shots he could just have easily made a goose egg. Very hard to see England gaining the upper hand in the last test to draw it, much less win it.
    Go Aussies!!

  2. None Taken Lango,
    England may have picked an unbalanced side but all credit needs to be given to our bowlers, who, on the first day took to their unchanged top 3 like a rabid dog.
    Makes a big difference having a balanced bowling attack and although I think if a spinner can be used he should be, I stand corrected in this instance.

  3. We all do. After two Tests, who thought Johnso would be playing in the 4th, let alone bagging a Pfeiffer?

  4. I did! But then I took it back.....does that count??