Friday, 24 July 2009

It's more than official!!

Brad Hodge must surely have jiggered Merv's wife in the ring gear and wiped it on the curtains on the way out!!
How can a man of that talent, with a CA contract not only be overlooked for the Ashes tour but also for the 30 man preliminary list for the Champions Trophy tour?
Am I missing something here?
They are all preaching about "picking teams for the future" but we need to be winning now!!
The batsmen in Notubland have no significant threat if they fail. Imagine the pressure on the top to middle order if they had to look at Hodge chomping the bit as they strode out to bat? Who do they have there now, Watson? McDonald? Scary.....


  1. yeah, i couldn't believe that when i saw the news last night... no... wait, i could!

    i know from sniffing other cricket media from around the world others are scratching their heads at Hodges ommissions from ANY Australian side.
    It just smacks of "something else" having happened; as CA's face will be noseless if Hussey fails to REALLY make runs throughout the rest of the Ashes.

    Watson, Clarke, McDonald and Mannou just announced to play today in tour match.


  3. They're from the same state ... why doesn't Hodge get hold of Ray Bright's joke book. It kept him on tour throughout a career far less productive than BH.

  4. Disgusted, nuff said.

  5. c'mon Sledgey, i know you've got more on your mind!

  6. as all here are vic's (lefty doesn't count coz he wishes he was for the sake of clean water- how does it feel mate, after your morning ablutions still smelling like wrought iron?) this may be touchy ground Lango.

    i, personally like the idea of a NSWelshman on board here to get some balance... but expect a bit of flak!

  7. Don't worry about me son. I was born with a thick hide and half a century of classrooms and newsrooms hasn't made it thinner. Besides, if you walk into a room full of Mexicans, there's no fun standing on the balcony.
    How does it feel knowing that even a bastard like Bradman wouldn't play for Victoria?

  8. feels good!
    wouldn't want his kooky masonic ways of riding the billy goat affecting our reptilian thought processes. If Bowrals best thought he could achieve his best in SA, says a lot for his state of mind! We need the breeze on the balcony to blow away colonial cobwebs too!

    welcome home sunshine.

  9. do you really want to call me "son" Lango?
    those that rightfully can are one foot in the...

  10. No offence. Had intended to write "old son", seen as a term of mateship and affection where ever I have travelled.

  11. none taken. just didn't think you should write yourself off as too old yet!