Thursday, 25 June 2009

Get your virtual skates on!

Ok Gents, It's that time again.
Stoph and Woody you've been here before, but for everyone who hasn't at all or hasn't in a league with us, here is your invite...
To Join our fantasy league goto:
Our League code is: 379309
I reckon it would be a good idea to enter 2 teams each (you will need 2 email addresses) just to make it a bit more interesting.

See you in there.

Sledgey xxx


  1. done, I can't wait to sledge myself.

  2. Who wants Hauritz in their side? Stoph pack your bags. The side needs a leggie...

  3. Not a great start is it?!
    The 4 pacies all sound like they did well: after a slow start from Lee. Hilf is unlucky not to have got wickets as Surrey must not have been able to hit him.
    I imagine Hauritz will get every tour match to show what he's got so if he doen't play in any tests he can't say he didn't get opportunities. Even though this is one day of bowling, to not trouble the batsmen at all is a real concern. You can always be unlucky but if you're not beating the bat or bringing about false shots: what are you doing?

    Stoph and Sledgie: I'll get a fundraiser going to get you blokes there.

  4. I you can't trouble a county side then you have real probs. Katich even got a wicket. I like his left arm trundlers though. I rate county cricket as pretty much club cricket here so Hauritz should have been getting it past them at least. 5 an over is shite!!
    If Lee gets a run first up I will spew. Too straight for test cricket his bowling has become.

  5. Is that a Yoda impersonation?
    Articles have even called Surrey batsmen below par so it makes it even worse. The big problem is that if Hauritz isn't troubling batsmen AND going for quite a few runs there's even less of a case to put him against Pietersen, Strauss and Bopara. I say forget spin until someone worthy comes along and just use Clarke and Katich.

  6. what i'm finding disappointing is the talk that Siddle is part of a "shoot-out" for a bowling possie!

    How can he not be a cert?
    He is fast, aggressive, gets wickets, kills the run rate and does all of that EVERY over, ALL day!

    for mine it is just Lee, Clarke and Hilf jockeying.
    and as you said Lefty, Hauritz to get every op to find form.
    i hope he haasn't wasted too much time on developing his doosra as planned.

    If you guys wanna drop some cash and get i the ear of CA, i'll happily be the oldest debutant
    in generations! i've got 3 new ball coming together...

    apart from that, maybe no spin is the way to go.

  7. I must admit Stoph, you do know your leg spin bowling...maily 'cos you have kept to my brilliance for the past few years, a bit of it was bound to rub off.

  8. It might spin a bit fr Ricky but I think he needs to offer the captaincy to Warne as a sweetener to come out of retirement for this series or until we finds a decent spinner. All we have at the moment are "ners".

  9. My typing is cr@p. I meant to say "It might sting a bit for Ricky"

  10. At least Hauritz can bat a bit. It will be such a gamble to pick him because if he isn't effective he takes a bowlers spot that could be held by either a quick or an extra batsman: plus he releases any scoreboard pressure which may prove to be disastrous. He is making me as nervous as Hussey at the moment.

  11. it was a hard-work 40 from Huss!

    Now NL, you are just getting me a tad G'd up with that Warne/Ponting/captaincy thing!

    Sledgey, to be sure i have benefited from your leggies... i was sh!te at sweeping before, now i'm tops as you have given me leg side room to get my eye in- with little threat of the ball comming back at me!

  12. They are all tough runs for Huss, his eye is gone and along with it the sweet timing.
    I know Stoph, the thought of Warne coming into the side makes me a bit moist too. Imagine the mind f8ck it would be for the Poms.

  13. One problem I see is that there is not enough pressure on batting spots. With Watson out North is a shoe-in (I don't have a problem with that) but so is Hussey! They need to get a batsman over there anyway but it won't affect the batting lineup. With a fairly average display against Sussex you'd hope blokes were concerned about retaining their spot but there would have to be competition for that to occur. I can just imagine the bowlers putting their hearts into bowling Eng out for 270 and then the batsmen fold for 230. All the focus has been on Lee, Clark and Hilf (as Siddle has proven his worth - even though he didn't really need to) which implies the top 6 are in a good position. This is not the case!

  14. too true Lefty; while all the talk is on the bowling selection, i would hope that the upper order have not become coplacent. Having Watsons thigh go is to me, a good thing: and should make NL happy; given his correct call that Watson is ore broken down than a jumps nag!

    Now with this "almost" certainty, selectors can refine the line up.

    down the wicket

  15. Pressure is on Ronnie now: who has escaped much discussion in recent weeks. He might not bowl as fast as Watson but his control is amazing. 12 overs in an innings from him to give Siddle, Clark and Johnson a rest, and maybe picking up a couple of poles, will be invaluable. Even a 40 from him will add to Haddin and Johnson's batting - then you've got batting down to 8! For mine, and this a bit left field, Ronnie is the key to the 11. Other than North (still hasn't solidified his place) we all know what everyone's roles are and what they're capable of. Just imagine if Hussey gets into form...........