Thursday, 30 April 2009

Net session

All right all you Victorian boys (and gals). It's time to put up or shut about your cricketing prowess and join in for a net session and a few laughs (insert beers). Lets get some options for dates and locations. Could be a great opportunity to put some faces to names from this champion blog.


  1. i'll chuck some option up for me later. thanks for getting it up... the post (and the excitement of having a hit)

  2. Overwhelming response to this post. I think I will just play with myself.....then get the cricket gear out......

  3. can i watch?

    i'm onto it and keen, just trying to get some options from a couple of nuts at work :)

    should be tomorrow or wednesday with some choices

    people are soft!
    maybe we could meet Lefty at Natimuk?

  4. I'm easy (as my left hand would attest) I live in Greensborough so anywhere is a long way for me. Not that it bothers me.

  5. not this weekend, but either day on the next should be fine.

    Outside sledge can't come, Gab is finished with us it would seem, but i do have someone else keen.

    we should look for a net somewhere half wayish.


  6. I suppose it's too late to organise this weekend. What about Sunday 30/5??

    SMS me to confirm.