Thursday, 12 March 2009

DTW team scoreboard

Because you guys are so supportive, and because you all love cricket as much as i do, i've decided to reward your loyalty to the site and hopefully motivate more to get on board DTW and increase the debate and depth of conversation here.

So here it is, the downthewicket scoreboard:

Scores for POTD (play of the day).

5 points for POTD awarded every day.

50 points for introducing a new member

25 points to person who introduced a new member, when that new member introduces someone else.

10 points when your post gets 10 or more comments from others apart from yourself.

15 points for getting a post on another cricket site or blog that you sign off with, or mention/link downthewicket

The prize will be either a latest release or classic cricket book or cricket DVD of your choice. If the person with the highest score has over 1000 points i'll double the prize!

To allow for new members to accumulate points this will run until the end of the ODI series of the 09/10 Australian summer cricket season.

Play of the day will reset as a new day after a POTD has been awarded- this will allow for all of us living in different timezones/lifestyles.

There are literally hundreds of cricket sites and blogs around the world, so go get 'em tigers!


stoph verismo