Saturday, 6 December 2008

Pontings points perspective

What an interesting perspective Ricky Ponting has on world test rankings.

He believes,

"It has taken us a long time and a lot of great wins in different conditions around the world to get us to that No. 1 spot," Ponting told AAP. "If South Africa beat us 3-0 I don't know if that gives them enough points to get over us.

"But if they won the series 1-0 or 2-1, I don't think that would mean that they deserve to take over that mantle. It's a bit the same with India last series. Just because they beat us, the No. 1 team, doesn't necessarily mean they go from the No. 4 or No. 5 in the world to No. 1 in the world, because it's something that's accrued over a long period of time."

If Australia lose 3-0 to South Africa, and given we have recently lost to India 2-0, how can the standings not be affected given these are the two teams below us on the rankings? I appreciate that it is based on a points/rating system, but it is hard to imagine that if Australia get seriously rolled we won't slip a place.

What bugs me about Pontings statement, is that he says that because the lead was created over time, he can't see a team getting enough points to get over Australia from 4th or 5th position. Well Ricky, you might want to check your facts before making such announcements; Sth Africa are 2nd on the ICC rankings!

Australia 34 4409 130
South Africa 37 4331 117
India 40 4659 116

Of course all of this could be mind games from Punter, which is good and well apart from getting the facts wrong; but does he think that Sth Africa are playing with the sole intention of ICC rankings, or just to finally beat Australia in a series since returning to world cricket? The tours here in the past have been pretty hard affairs for the Proteas, with Smith, Ntini and Steyn in the top ten of the rankings tables, they must be rating their chances!

stoph verismo


  1. South Africa smell blood, this is probably their best chance to beat us over here for a long long time (Wasn't Bill Lawry captain when we go beaten five zip?)

    Should be a good contest! At least better than last years name calling fiasco or the crap that the poms served the year before.

  2. i think you are right; it will be a good test of Steyn... see what the hype is about. pity A.Nel isn't touring, he was fun to rag last tour.

    SA cost one W.Lawry his captaincy, that's for sure! how he sits next to Chappelli in the booth is... well, i suppose time heals etc.

    let's hope it is a good contest. the carry on about the name calling- especially from the crowd was... pathetic, given they are professional sports people; it isn't tennis, the crowd can be loud!

    a 1-0 series win would break their hearts!

    stoph verismo

  3. How good would it be if the WACA was actually the WACA again. Imagine we won the toss and batted (not bloody likely as Ponting has a thing for heads) then balls were flying all around Hayden and Katich's helmets and nipples. Then Lee and Johnson had a go at that tosser Smith (and Kallis - has to be my most hated player). It'd be the closest thing to the old school of Lillee, Thommo, Garner, Washeacrim etc.
    I can't wait for this series, pity we got sheep shaggers in Adelaide!

  4. Pontings consistency, is his greatest inconsistency

    leftriteout, the WACA is my favourite test (after MCG) because i can watch nearly all off it on the tv! mmm, mmmmmm time delay!

    why have CA let the curators neuter pitches around this country? people LOVE the characteristics of a cities pitch- even when that means the MCG lacks any special character.

    surely as the ICC number 2 test team, this summer should have been a 5 test series against SA?

    if this P.O's you as much as me, here is the ICC address to give them a bit.

    i love a tweeky wicket, but who doesn't like "chin music!"

    stoph verismo

  5. too many 3 day tests not enough money, greedy bastards.

  6. 3 simple words -drop in pitches, all grounds except the gaba have a drop in now (thank you afl) that is why you get these lame generic pitches now. they are grown & curated under a glass house.

  7. good point Gab.

    i blame the afl too, and might start a blog to get it taken of the G, are you with me? ;-)