Saturday, 27 December 2008

People, Police, Ponting

Much can be said about the play on the day; I want to make a few other observations and comments.
Firstly, while there have been many comments about the size of of the crowd made in the media, to me it was irrelevant, as those there were in fine voice and the atmosphere was terrific.
And even though it was warm, there didn't appear to be to be too many trouble makers although police reports are that there were 109 evictions and 14 arrests- it didn't feel like the yobbos had taken over.

Whilst on the subject of the police, I'd like to congratulate the Victoria Police for the wonderfully approachable and friendly demeanour of the officers i encountered. They showed a very fair and even-handed approach to a few "issues" i witnessed.
To the two officers i spoke to outside the Richmond social club room entrance, thanks again for the conversation and down to earth way they dealt with our group... it was greatly appreciated and we had fantastic day; i hope the two of you did also.

More to come as the test goes on!
ps. Congrats Ricky Ponting for a fine knock.

stoph verismo


  1. i can't believe what I have just read (nearly choked on my afternoon salami & olives!).

    Now you are greasing the wheels, first the cops and then ponting... turn it up verisomo you were almost believable at one stage!

  2. Hats off to Siddle, and also Hauritz, who both stepped up with the ball. Johnson almost looks like Mr consistent now with a new or older ball. Go Aussie - great response to the critics and the saffers. Lee doesn't look great - you've said that before, Stoph. I owe an apology to Siddle! He looked dangerous with most of his deliveries today. I hope we can topple them for under 300 and then smash another 400. Chase down 500 odd you bastards!

  3. no Gab, just credit where credit was due! If you'd got off the couch and come along you'd know what i mean (apart from Ponting- he made a fine hunj and that merits comment; his captaincy in the field... i didn't comment because Australia hadn't been out yet. needless to say i don't need to write a petition dislodging Ponting from the batting line-up... yet!)

    Damn right Leftriteout! the little i saw of Siddle yesterday had me thinking the same thing... consistently fast with good line and length- the ball that hit Amla on the glove early on really got up from what looked like nothing!

    will have the radio pumping today as day 3 is normally the best! (...and no tv due to MORE family commitments!)

    stoph verismo

  4. cops always did a good job at the cricket, for once your not seeing from paul's perspective. watching from the couch just suits me fine thanks for asking and your blog's theme has been about bagging CA, ponting and the selectors that was why i was surprised you gave ponting a slap (on the back). Ponting's obviously does not perform under pressure, the poms found that out and now the Indians & safricans have executed that tactic beautifully.

    Siddle was good yesterday but unfortunately lack of match fitness has found him out, he will be very good once he gets fit.

  5. i was just being festive (and grateful!),in regard to the cops- will elaborate in person.

    Ponting got one line... which i would write for any centurion. he has once again been found out today with his on field choices, can't seem to motivate and control his crew even from a dominant position! send another trophy off shore!

  6. ...and wasn't it me and Michelle that happily left Paul in the lock-up so as not to miss any play?

    always a big supporter of getting the totally inebriated out if they are being anti-social. :)
    why i started drinking long blacks before tea on b-day... old one eye was in the house!