Thursday, 6 November 2008

let's hear Gambhir

Although now with the 4th test imminent it is too late to go through the correct procedure for further appeal, for once i (partly) agree with the BCCI.

Whether it was going to change the outcome (unlikely), Gautam Gambhir should have been given the right to personally speak for himself in the appeals process before the one match penalty was imposed.

With that type of formal protocol adhered to, the BCCI would not have a leg to stand on regarding further action, and their normally belligerent actions could then(hopefully) be shunned by the rest of the cricketing world. As it stands, if they were to include Gambhir in their 12 an ICC non sanctioned match once again looks likely; not a good outcome for the two sides, or the supporters. Let's hope they decide to go with the decision, and follow up on it after the test.

Even though Gambhir: pleaded guilty, has committed another offence in the last 12 months, and the incident was well documented on video, it seems to me that the ICC missed an easy opportunity to make a statement to the world about undue physical contact in the game.

As undesirable as this type of contact is in cricket, the ridiculous notion of allowing this type of behaviour would- I'm sure- see many other countries coming off second best if the Australians (with their winter codes of rugby and Australian rules football so enjoyed by most) squared up for a big 'hip and shoulder'!


  1. Given that Gambhir plead guilty I don't see the point of him speaking at an appeal.
    His culpability was already proven and the appeal was called for by the BCCI.
    The reason the BCCI tried the appeal on was, I think, because of the short space of time between the 3rd and 4th tests ie: they were hoping that there was no time for an appeal to be heard until after the 4th test.

    Just as an aside, the ICC have the power to suspend a player, in this case Gambhir, for either 1 test match or 2 ODI's.

    Question: What does suspension from 1 or more ODI matches have to do with an infraction that took place in a Test match?

  2. Well said Stoph "Andrew Bolt" Verismo. The ICC is a pinko, whale hugging, appeasing, toothless tigers! They should be nuked and paved!

  3. lets not forget a casual exocet up the tradesman's entrance of CA

  4. don't get me started on cricket oz! why do they persit with the triangular series (yawn). Didn't they see 2020 coming???geeez and now their getting their "turf" stepped on by soccer; which will get stronger. They don't tour Pakistan cause of the bombs, yet they tour India which has more bombs going of???
    They are light a rabbit in the head lights, sleeping at the wheel....

  5. The problem cricket has Ponsford is that there are too many bloody versions of the game. Get rid of ODIs, play test cricket as international cricket and 2020 cricket as league or club cricket. Look at what soccer do, they have dedicated dates set for international foozball so all the good players get to play for their country, this also focus the public on the best playing for their country instead of mula.

    4 month tours to the old dart is a thing of the past, test cricket will have 5 test series for the ashes (not that the Aussies need 5 days to beat the poms) 3 tests for the rest and 1 off test for the gumby nations like Bangladesh and new zealand(lol) nah I am only kidding, nothing like beating the sheep whisperers.

    I like the biff in cricket, the Aussies have been given it out verbally for so long, the indians just stepped it up a notch. Next we will see squirrel grips and jumper punches.

    BTW why are CA not promoting this summer cricket? who the hell is coming out? is there any 2020 cricket? will the aussies wear the hidious grey tops? Melbourne Victory are looking better by the day.

  6. the triangular is gone (and it would seem that CA media budget has too!).

    CA not being ready for twenty20 really shows it is sleepy hollow down in the office at Jolimont.this is the topic of a future blog post.
    there is a international twenty20 at the G this season

    Melbourne victory... a little early in the evening don't you think, to be THAT drunk!